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Michelle Lewin Net Worth 2024

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Michelle Lewin is a Venezuelan fitness instructor and bodybuilder, who is mostly famous for her fitness program and bodybuilding competitions. Michelle lives and works in Miami, Florida.

Early life and career

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Michelle Lewin is born on February 25th, 1986, in Maracay, Venezuela. Michelle grew up in a low-income family, with her mother, who raised her by herself. As living in a poor neighborhood, Michelle was having a difficult period of growing up. By the age of 15, Michelle was on a borderline of anorexia, mostly because her mother couldn’t afford her everyday meal. Therefore, when she was 17, fitness came to her life, and Michelle started to work hard and have pieces of training by herself. After some time, she got noticed from modeling agents, who offered her a contract and chance for a better life. That’s how Michelle first left her mother country and experienced living abroad. However, after some time being a model and working in Paris, New York and L.A. Michelle deiced that she wants to become a fitness instructor, and she continued with that. Bodybuilding became her passion, and she competed in the NCP bikini competition. Today she still does some modeling, however, only if it’s connected with the fitness world or bodybuilding.

Michelle abandoned the fashion, mainly because she didn’t feel comfortable doing it and walking down the catwalk. Also, she stated how many mistreated her there, and she felt like a product, which she didn’t want to accept.

Today, Michelle lives in Miami, and she is a personal fitness instructor to many celebrities. Also, she has her fitness studio and healthy diet, based on recipes for bodybuilders. She has her official website, where you can check all information about fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Personal life

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The perfectly fit celebrity instructor is happily married and crazy in love with her long – term partner, now husband, Jimmy Lewin. Her husband is from Sweden. However, the couple met in 2008 in Miami and soon started dating. After a couple of years, they got married. Jimmy is also a fitness trainer and bodybuilder, so the couple has a lot in common, and they are often working out together. Although they still don’t plan to expand their family, Michelle is a proud parent of her two dogs.

Social Media

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Michelle is a real fan of social media, and she uses it mostly to promote her fitness business and to share her healthy lifestyle, advise others, and help them. As follows, Michelle central social platform is YouTube, where she posts her fitness videos and work out sessions with guidance. On YouTube, she has more than 200k subscribers.

Moreover, she loves Instagram and often shares pics of her while work out and personal life stories. Her fans love it, and she has around 8 million followers there. When it comes to Twitter, Michelle loves it, and she uses it to motivate others and to express her opinion. Her 400k followers appreciate that.

Michelle Lewin Net Worth 2024

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A bodybuilder star, and famous fitness trainer, Michelle has made a fortune for herself only by keeping it fit and healthy. However, there is much more than that, and she made a real sacrifice and effort to achieve her goals in life, and she surely deserves it. Her net worth for this year is $3million, but we assume that fortune of the Lewin couple is twice as that.