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Michael Oher Net Worth 2024

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Michael Oher is an American football player who plays on the position of an offensive tackle. Thanks to his fantastic play and talents, he built a huge fan base. During his career, the sportsman was a part of the most significant NFL teams. Also, he has received different awards for his outstanding performance. Currently, Michael is a free agent.

If you want to find out details about his career and personal life, stay tuned and read the article below.

Early Life

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Michael Jerome Williams Jr. was born on 28th of May 1986 in Memphis, Tennessee. His mother is Denise Oher, and his father is Michael Jerome Williams. The football star had a rough childhood as he didn’t have the support of his parents. Most of the time, Michael was homeless or living in various foster homes. Michael’s hard situation reflected on his education, and he attended 11 different schools. In his last year of the college, Oher’s father died.

In 2004, Michael got adopted by Leigh and Sean Tuohy, and they gave him everything that he didn’t have while growing up. During that time, Michael started to play football, and after finishing high school, he got a lot of offers. He decided to enroll in the University of Mississippi and had success in the football team.


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After he finished college, Michael signed a five-year contract with the Baltimore Ravens. With them, he played the Super Bowl championship. After that, Michael made a deal with Tennessee Titans, but the following year he was released. In February 2015, he played with the Carolina Panthers. Unfortunately, he failed a physical test and became a free agent.

Besides his football career, Michael wrote a book named The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game. Later on, he revealed another book called I Beat The Odds: From Homelessness to The Blind Side, and Beyond. The Blind Side is also a film that was released by Tennessee Titans, and the story is based on Michal’s early life.

Is Michael married?

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Michael is secretive about her love life. However, in 2014, some details about his marriage were revealed. According to sources, Oher ordered Uber and said to the driver to follow the car where his wife was seated.

Since then, there are no other details about his wife.

Michael Oher Net Worth 2024

The primary source of his wealth is her professional football career. Thanks to the contracts worth a couple of millions, he made a fortune for himself. However, Michael also makes money from his books and the movie.

As of 2024, Michael Oher’s net worth is estimated to be $15 million.