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Marcia Harvey Net Worth 2024

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Being a celebrity used to require hard work. Even after all the hard work you do, no one could guarantee you that you will succeed in your line of work. Singers and actors were among the most recognizable faces in the whole world, and to maintain a successful career you had to put extra strength to endure through every good and bad situation you celebrity status puts you in.

Nowadays, with modern technology and various social media platforms, as well as the existence of YouTube, many people all around the world can get that celebrity status. From gamers to bloggers, every single being on this planet can become famous and influential with just a touch of luck.

Another way for you to be in the public eye is the fact that someone in your family is famous. From your parents to your uncles, aunts, and spouses, you can get that fame you want, or do not want, if someone close to you is a famous personality.

One of those people we are going to talk about today is Marcia Harvey. Marcia Harvey is mostly known for being the wife of Steve Harvey. Steve Harvey is a comedian and a producer, and his wife is well known to the world. Despite the fact that the two ended up in divorce, Marcia Harvey managed to get a career on her own and have her own achievements that helped her rise to prominence. If you want to know more about Marcia Harvey, as well as what is her current net worth in 2024 than you should take a further read into our article.


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Marcia Harvey’s zodiac sign is Aquarius, as she was born on January 22, 1955. Harvey was born in Cleveland, which is located in Ohio, in the United States of America. She comes from African-American heritage. Regarding her family background, there aren’t any known facts. Marcia Harvey never really talked about her parents and family, so we don’t even know if she has any siblings, or is she a single child.

When it comes to her educational background, we do have some detailed information. Marcia Harvey went to a local high school in Ohio, and afterward, she managed to get a degree in business management, and according to some rumors, she also holds a degree in chemistry.


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She might have been known as the wife, and later as the ex-wife, of Steve Harvey, but today, Marcia is celebrated as a successful author and a businesswoman. So far Marica Harvey has published more three books. One is titled MARCIA: Poems from the Heart, which she published in 2011, the second one she published in 2014, and the book is titled MARCIA: Thoughts From My Mind. The third one is titled MARCIA: Eyes To the Soul. The third book we mentioned was published in 2011, two decades after she got a divorce from Steve Harvey. The book has three chapters, titled Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. In her poems, Marcia Harvey is writing her deepest, darkest secrets, her feeling, and thoughts, and if you want to find out more about her inner thought and everything she went and is going through, we suggest that you get a hold of one of her books and start reading.

In addition to being an author, Marcia Harvey is also a businesswoman. Harvey is an owner of a clothing line, and we can honestly say that Harvey managed to build a very successful career.

Personal life

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As we stated before, Marcia and Steve Harvey used to be married. They tied the knot in 1980, and two years later Marcia gave birth to twin daughter, named Brandi and Karli Harvey. They also have a son, which they named Broderick Harvey Jr, after his father. The reason the two divorced was that Marcia wasn’t satisfied with Steve’s decision to change his career. Problem after problem, they started to fall apart, and at the end, they realized that the best thing they could do is to get a divorce.

Marcia Harvey got married again, to Larry Greene, but that marriage didn’t last too. To our knowledge, the author is currently single.

Marcia Harvey Net Worth 2024

From all of her books and her clothing line, as well as some other projects Marcia Harvey has worked on, her estimated net worth in 2024 is around $12 million.