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Meet The Man Who Brought Atlanta Night Life Back..


Since it’s pinnacle in the 1990′s, the nightlife scene in Atlanta could at best be described as  superficial and overpriced. For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to experience it firsthand, allow me to elaborate.

On any given night you’ll find lines that wrap around city blocks, entry prices in excess of $100 a person, overheating and overcrowding, dirty bathrooms, spilled drinks,  and let’s not forget the awkward segregation that occurs between the” regular” people and the more valued VIP guests who spend their entire night looking down upon the less fortunate general admission partygoers while they drink their bottles and show off their wristbands.

Sounds like fun, right? Chances are you are thinking no, not really.  Thankfully, for the city of Atlanta, an emancipator would come in 2011 to liberate us all from this nightlife nightmare.

Hailing from a city known around the world for its flavorful foods and flair for celebrations, it’s no surprise that New Orleans native Kevin C. Edwards would be the man to bring about this much needed revival to Atlanta nightlife.  Two years and six ventures since the inception of KCE Bars, this industrious and charismatic business man has achieved what critics said was impossible and competi*ors fought to stop.  Kevin C. Edwards is, officially, the man who brought Atlanta back.

His powerhouse nightlife and entertainment brand boasts a collection of six boutique lounges that not only stand out, but stand alone in the city of nearly 7 million people. Each has its own unique vibe and offers its own distinctive experience.  In true Atlanta fashion, the events at KCE Bars just don’t stop and there is truly something for everyone, from day parties on rooftops with priceless skyline views to after hours breakfast clubs with celebrity guests. For more information on any of the KCE Bars, Aurum Lounge, Indigo Bar, Kouture, Krave, Cafe Circa, or The Green Room visit their website www.kcebars.com

written by Katie Bryce Ricketson