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Maria Thayer Net Worth 2024

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Maria Thayer has been present on the screen for a long time and this has resulted in a very good career that she has been having.

Personal life

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Her full name is Maria Christina Thayer and she was born on the 30th October in 975. She was born in Portland, Oregon, the USA. We should not forget her popularity on social networks since she has 15K followers on Instagram only. She currently lives in LA.

It should be mentioned that she spent a part of her childhood in a town called Boring. As far as her family is concerned, they used to keep bees and the family used to live from this. However, her parents divorced after some time and she stayed to live with her mother. Her mother used to change a lot of jobs and they used to move a lot.


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She used to be the member of the series called Those Who Can’t and the series was aired from 2016 until 2019. She also had some roles on Broadway thanks to Amy Sedaris who noticed her in a play.

Love life

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When we are talking about her love life, we should mention that she likes to keep it private and secret. The only thing that is known about her and men she dated is the fact that she used to be engaged. She was engaged to a man called David Harbour. The couple was engaged for several years, but it I was a big surprise when it was found out that they split. It is very interesting to notice that the only photos that she posts on social networks are with her friends.

There are not any photos with men she used to or is dating. We should also mention that her ex-fiancée is also an actor. Namely, David has a very rich acting career and he acts in Stranger Things. He was so good that he got Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Maria Thayer Net Worth 2024

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She has been busy for years and she has had a lot of successful projects behind her. All this was followed with the appropriate income that she has been making. She is $300K net worth as of this year. As it is known, the majority of the money comes from her acting career.

Personal traits

As far as her bodily measures are concerned, we can say that she is 32 x 34 x 3 inches. We should also mention that she is 1.62m tall and that her weight is 52kg at this moment. There is also an interesting fact about her shoe size, which is 6. She has natural reddish hair and blue eyes.

As far as her interests and hobbies are concerned, we should point out that she is very into traveling and that she likes to go to and visit exotic destinations. She commonly goes on these trips with closest friends. She is also fighting for the right of women and their equality to men.