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Catherine Herridge Net Worth 2024

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Catherine Herridge is a very popular name in the journalism world. Her astonishing work has elevated her name, and people are more and more interested in getting to know more information about this amazing woman. If you are also one of those people, search no more as here we’re going to represent to you all the facts and details about Catherine Herridge’s life.


Catherine Herridge’s zodiac sign is Taurus, as she was born on May 18, 1964. She was born in Toronto, which is located in Toronto, in Canada. Aside from the fact that both of her parents are Canadian, we haven’t been able to find any more information about them, as Catherine never really talked about them. We don’t know their names, their age, and we haven’t been able to figure out if Catherine is a single child, or if she has any siblings.

Regarding her education, Catherine Herridge attended Jarvis Collegiate Institute, which is located in her native Canada. Herridge later went to Harvard College where she obtained a Master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

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Upon graduating, Catherine Herridge got her first job at ABC News and a London based correspondent, and in 1996 she became a part of Fox News Channel. She served as the Chief Intelligence Correspondent in Washington DC. Herridge was also a part of Justice Department Homeland Security, and she was one of the few who had a part in covering the 9/11 attack that happened in the United States of America. Herridge had an interview with Mike Rogers, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Congressman. Herridge also covered Hillary Rodhan Clinton’s Senate campaign and Northern Ireland peace agreement to the death of Princess Diana.

Catherine had an amazing professional career. One of the things she also managed to do was when she ended up as a correspondent for the Fox Broadcasting Network, and their news magazine titled Fox Files. She was covering the story of Medicare fraud, child prostitution, and prescription drugs fraud. For her work, the talented journalist got an award. She received the Bronze World Medal.

Catherine is also an author, as she wrote a book that she titled The Next Wave. The book is about her experiences off all of the situations she saw and experienced during her life and during the time she has worked.

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Personal life

Catherine is 5 feet and 8 inches tall or 172 cm. She weighs 57 kg or 126 lbs. Catherine Herridge is married, and despite her busy work and things she has been doing all of her life, she managed to find the man of her dreams. That man’s name is Jeff Miller, and his occupation is Air Force pilot. They have been married since 2004, as their wedding day happened on March 13, 2004. They didn’t have a big wedding. Instead, they opted for an intimate one, and they invited their closest friends and family to witness the exchange of their wedding vows. The couple has two kids, named Peter and Jamie. Peter experienced some health issues, as he was diagnosed with biliary atresia when he was a young boy. Due to the complications of the disease, Catherine Herridge gave a part of her liver that was transplanted into Peter’s body.

Catherine Herridge is not an active social media user. Herridge is leading a quiet life, and as we mentioned before, she doesn’t speak much about her past life of her present life. What we can assume from her work and from what we see, Herridge is a happily married woman, who adores her children, and the children and her husband are giving the affections back.

Catherine Herridge had a dispute with Fox News in 2010. She wanted to be paid more, and when Fox News refused to do so, she sued them. Herridge wanted a raise of 95 percent, and as she was paid $100,000, she wanted to have an annual income of $900,000. Unfortunately for Herridge, her fight for the raise was unsuccessful.

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Catherine Herridge Net Worth 2024

From all of her projects and endeavors, as well as from her professional career of a journalist and a correspondent, Catherine Herridge managed to obtain quite some wealth. In 2024 her estimated net worth is approximately $10 million.