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10 Best Laptops to Buy In 2024

Do you need a new laptop but you are on a budget? We can help you find one that is the best suitable for you. Take a look at this list that we have crafted for you if you are shopping for an inexpensive laptop. Every laptop on this list is great for people who have basic needs, which means that they mainly use their computers for browsing the web, editing photos, playing casual games, or even office work.

1. Acer Swift 1

Source: PCMag

This is one of the most expensive-looking laptops with Windows 10 operating system. This laptop costs around £350, and it has a solid keyboard and a metal shell. It also comes with a 13.3-inch Full HD display.

2. Lenovo V330-14ARR

Source: Fateka

If performance and power is your priority, this laptop is for you. It comes with excellent AMD components and a graphic card. This Lenovo laptop has a short battery life, but it can outperform some more expensive laptops.

3. HP 250 G5

Source: Megamax Electronics

This model is one of the best laptops on the cheaper side. It features an SSD, as well as 88GB of RAM. However, the display has poor contrast and color.

4. Lenovo IdeaPad 320S

Source: Amazon

This modern-looking laptop is easily portable, and it has a Pentium-based system and comes with Windows 10. Even though the screen on this laptop is weak, it is suitable for performing basic tasks.

5. iOTA Slim 14 inch

Source: Expert Reviews

iOTA Slim is a laptop with a great design and affordable price. This is one of the best computers that you can buy on a cheaper side. This is the right choice for you if you need a laptop to watch movies or browse the internet.

6. Acer Spin 1

Source: Trusted Reviews

This Acer laptop is well made and very comfortable for typing. The screen is excellent compared to the other laptops within this price range. It is better that you buy this cheap hybrid in the 64GB version.

7. Jumper EZBook 3 Pro

Source: Amazon

Jumper EZBook 3 Pro is made with a metal shell, and it is the best match for those of you who need it for day-to-day tasks. It is easily portable and comes with 64GB of storage which can be expanded.

8. Chuwi LapBook 14.1

Source: Lelong

Even though this laptop might not be the fastest, it works well for everyday tasks. It has a full-size keyboard and a full-HD screen.

9. Chuwi LapBook 12.3

Source: DHgate

This laptop comes with a high-resolution display and good battery life. It is made with a metal frame, and it is a fantastic choice for you if you are looking for an inexpensive laptop that supports windows 10.

10. Asus Transformer Mini T102HA

Source: Asus

Asus Transformer Mini computer is a lot slower than a Chromebook, but it is convenient. The battery that comes with this laptop is long-lasting, and the keyboard is solid.