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Manny Mua Net Worth 2024

Manny Mua is an unusual guy who gained Internet fame because of his specific style. Actually, Manny is famous for doing the makeup on his own face. He has a YouTube channel where he shows every tip and useful advice with his fans. Every girl can be envious on his makeup skills, indeed.

How Manny Became Popular?

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The human body and its beauty have always fascinated Manny. Therefore, he went on to premedical school to become a plastic surgeon. In the meantime, he left the studies to devote himself to a career of a YouTube Personality Sensation.

Around 5 million subscribers and more than 500 million views on YouTube testify about the fame he got by offering makeup tips, reviews, and tutorials for men.

During this time, Manny has collaborated with famous people from this world, such as Patrick Starr, Jeffree Star, and Jaclyn Hill. He did a video dedicated to Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette which brought both the vloggers thousands of followers and views.

However, the highest peak in Manny’s career so far is a collaboration with Shayla Mitchell and one of the bestselling cosmetic companies in the world, “Maybelline.” He became the very first male ambassador for Maybelline, and it drew a lot of attention to him and his channel.

Manny Mua started to develop his love for cosmetic while watching his mother doing the makeup. When he grew up, Many began to work at some of the big cosmetic stores, including MAC and Sephora, but that wasn’t enough for him.

Patrick Simondac, an Instagram beauty star, was a crucial personality in Manny’s vlogger career. He pushed him into starting his own YouTube channel, which shows up as a fantastic idea.

Manny Mua Net Worth 2024

This popular vlogger’s net worth is $1.1 million with $438,000 only from YouTube. The other part of the total amount comes from different brands of product sales.

His Elizabeth Arden’s foam foundation makeup review generated a whopping 6 million views and made the vlogger around $12,095.

Daily, he earns around $800 and near $300.000 annually just from the ads.

Coming out of the closet


Many grew up in a religious family of Mormons. Because of that, he was trying to hide the fact that he was gay. Everything changed when Manny Mua had his first kiss with a boy that he realized this was right for him.

When Manny came out of the closet to his family, they forced him into therapy, in hopes he would be cured of the so-called “illness.” After six months of sessions, everything remains the same in Manny’s sexual preferences.

In a video published in 2016, named “My Coming Out Story” he explained how hurtful it was to be refused from his own family.