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Alex Choi Net Worth 2024

Alex Choi is a 20 years old YouTuber from Seoul, Soth Korea, but currently living in Los Angeles. He leads an active life by driving and shifting cars, which gave him Internet popularity.

What does he do?

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Jasiel Amon Robinson aka Alex Choi is a YouTuber with nearly 500,000 subscribers and more than 10 million views. On the YouTube channel, which he started in July 2017, he displays his car modifications and his fascinating driving skills. Known for performs of death-defying stunts in his car, Alex gained a lot of fans all over the world.

The first published video was titled “Fiat 500e Drift Car build,” and his most successful video has earned more than 10 million views so far. It’s called “Lamborghini Launch Control Reaction Compilation.”

Lamborghini Huracan that costs more than $180,000 is Choi’s most famous car. The car includes bright pink exteriors that highlight custom rims and lights. The second popular car is BMW M2-R that include a ski box, carbon hood, wing and is designed with a bright pink and blue camo. All of his vehicles have outrageous designs.

He also has a website that sells goods based on his auto modifications. The average hoodie costs more than $70, and the average t-shirt costs $35.


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Alex Choi has been entwined in several controversies and problems with the police. All of these end up on his YouTube channel or Instagram page.

The first video was called “Police SEIZED my car and sent me to JAIL!” and is released in March 2018. Alex stated that he was arrested for attending a stunt show in Los Angeles, which was illegal, and involved people getting injured.

In September 2018 he was performing a doughnut on Mulholland Highway and uploaded it to YouTube. The viewers were able to see that Choi narrowly avoided hitting a motorcyclist while performing the stunt. This video come to condemnation and disapproval of angry fans who claimed that Choi could easily kill the motorcyclist.

In December of the same year, he posted a picture of his arrest to Instagram. This time Alex was arrested for his rejection to comply with the police.


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i love that i’m on the phone even though there is no service whatsoever on angeles crest highway #justtryingtoflexyadiggg

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Love life

The fans are speculating whether he is in a relationship with writer, actress, and YouTube personality, Emelia Hartford, or they are just very close friends. She often shows up in his videos, but they haven’t confirmed the type of their connection. One is for sure – they share a love of fast cars.

Alex Choi Net Worth 2024

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With just 20 years, he already has his first million dollars. Although Choi comes from a wealthy family that allows him to start working with luxurious cars, he gained followers with his creativity and innovations. Alex is decisively moving to the point where he is no longer dependent upon his parents.