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Legal Issues in Buying & Selling Cannabis Seeds in UK

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Cannabis seeds and similar products have been legalized in countries across Europe and  America. In the UK, however, it’s like walking on eggshells. Anything pertaining to it here may attract unwarranted attention from the authorities. While the law is crystal clear on where the boundaries lie, many are yet to fully grip the legalities surrounding buying and selling them in the UK.

So to help save you a lot of time and effort trying to decipher the laws in the UK, here are simplified facts on where the cannabis laws stand. Here, you’ll learn more about what the law allows and disallows in matters sale and purchase of such items in the UK.

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in the UK?

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Yes. It is legal to buy, sell, and possess them in the UK. But there’s a catch. You can only carry up to a certain allowed amount (1oZ or 28 grams) at any one time. Any more and you may have to explain to the authorities why you have more of them than the amount allowed, in case you are caught.

You may also have to explain your intentions or what you plan to use the seeds for. It is rare for anyone to get arrested for the possession of carrying such items in the UK. What lands many people in trouble is if along with such items, you are also caught with illegal drugs, marijuana, or cannabis processing paraphernalia.

Note that in the UK, you are allowed to carry them, but you are not allowed to sell it for profit if you are not licensed and registered by the relevant authorities.

Also, you are not allowed to germinate or cultivate to grow marijuana, whether it’s for economic gain or personal use. Only things you are allowed to do with the seeds as an individual is using them as bird feed, keep as collector’s items or use as fish bait.

Planning to Buy and/or Sell Cannabis Seeds in the UK? What the Law Says

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The law is pretty straight forward on all matters cannabis in the UK. It is illegal! however, they are not considered a threat or harmful to people.  For this reason, it is legal to buy and sell them in the UK.

Seeing as cannabis seeds are void of intoxicating properties, they cannot be classified as narcotics. Therefore, anyone above the age of 21 years can possess such products without risking arrest.

So what happens if you are a buyer or seller of such products? How do you stay on the right side of the law? Read on to find out.

Crucial Laws Everyone Should Know About

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Provided you are past 21 years old; you are legally allowed to buy or sell them in the UK. However, there are legal limits that govern the possession and trade of such products. Visit here to know more about buying Cannabis seeds.

Some of the laws that mark the restrictions here include,

  • You cannot germinate or grow them. This whether you are a buyer or a seller
  • You should not consume them or products made from such items in the UK
  • At any one moment, you are only allowed to hold/possess a limited amount of such items. If the authorities happen to catch you with more than the recommended amount, you risk getting arrested and undergoing thorough scrutiny
  • It is perfectly ok to use them for general reasons. You can use the seeds as fish bait, store them as collector’s items or souvenirs or use as bird feed
  • You need a to be licensed and registered with the relevant authorities to be able to sell large amounts of cannabis seeds legally
  • You will not get arrested for selling highly potent cannabis seeds over the counter or send them to buyers’ address via courier or package

While the bullet points above show what is legal and what is not illegal regarding possession, buying and selling of cannabis seeds, it doesn’t bar the authorities from questioning you should they suspect you or find you in possession of cannabis seeds.

It takes common sense to maintain a low profile even when you know you are not breaking the law. This way, you can buy or sell your seeds in peace without attracting unnecessary attention.

What You Risk If Caught Breaking the Law

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If you get arrested, it means that you have broken one or more of the cannabis seed laws listed above. The cannabis laws in the UK, while stringent, will offer you an opportunity to prove your innocence.

Say you are caught with a small blunt of marijuana in your pockets. If you are a first time offender, you are likely to get away with a warning. If you are a second-time offender, you will get a slap on the wrist in the form of a small fine. If you are a third time or repeat offender, you could even risk jail time.

Remember that marijuana is considered a schedule 2 drug in the UK. It is up there with other serious drugs like heroin, oxycodone and Meth. You can now imagine how serious it is to be caught in possession of cannabis.

Breaking cannabis laws in the UK can attract hefty fines, serious penalties, or spend up to 14 years’ worth of time in prison.

So, as a responsible, law-abiding citizen who buys or sells such products, how do you cooperate with the government? By showing good faith. How?

As a cannabis seeds seller, you show good faith by educating your customers about the law. Tell them that it is illegal to grow them  and explain to them the boundaries upon which they are allowed to use these seeds.

As a cannabis seeds buyer, you show good faith by not breaking the law. No need to germinate them when you know the law doesn’t allow it. No need to sell the seeds when you do not have the license to do so.

In Conclusion

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The UK government seems adamant about maintaining control over the use and consumption of cannabis. Seeing as it is possible to grow your own marijuana from them, you will attract attention from the authorities if you are not discreet about possessing the seeds.

The UK continues to grapple with the gruesome effects of rampant addiction and drug abuse. What with a significant fraction of its population being youth and middle-aged people, the narcotics team, the police and other concerned parties spare no chance to put an end to the menace. How? By making sure the law is upheld and by holding everyone accountable.