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Things You Need to Grow Marijuana

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The truth is – you can place a cannabis plant in your backyard, forget about it, and it will still grow. Just like a weed, it grows fast and is pretty simple to grow. However, to cultivate an impressive yield in terms of both size and potency, one needs to have and use the right equipment, and consider several factors. Sure, cannabis can grow just about anywhere and under any condition, but it will truly thrive only when you provide exactly what it wants.

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A Suitable Space

Creating a suitable grow space is the first thing to do. It can be set up anywhere from closets, spare rooms, to basement corners. If you are a small scale grower, the perfect space might be a grow tent that is perfectly suited for indoors and keeps the plants in an enclosed environment.

For larger-scale production, you can use shipping containers or warehouses, any enclosed space that enables you to control the environment and is equipped with power and ventilation. You should consider starting small, since it is less expensive to set up, easier to monitor, and your mistakes will not be as costly. Over time, as you learn and gain experience, you can think about expanding.

The Right Lighting

The quality and quantity of your yields might depend on several factors, but the most important one might be choosing your grow lights. You should choose a lighting setup you can afford, but if you are unsure of what would be best, websites like Vela Community offer reviews of numerous equipment, so you might want to check out some online reviews to ensure you’re buying a quality product.

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LED Lights

They have only recently been adapted for indoor growing but offer numerous benefits even though they are a bit more expensive. They last longer, generate less heat, create a fuller light spectrum, and use far less electricity.

Fluorescent Lights

This type is popular with small scale growers. They are fairly cheap with reflectors, bulbs, and ballast included in a single package. They also do not require a cooling system since they don’t produce much heat.

Induction Lights

Also known as electrodeless fluorescent lamps, they are a more efficient, longer-lasting version of the fluorescent lamp. However, the price and availability might be they’re biggest drawbacks.

Seeds or Clones

Compared to clones, marijuana plants grown from seeds tend to be more hearty when young and can be planted whenever. The main disadvantage of using seeds is that rhere is no guarantee of what you will end up with, and unless your seeds are feminized, you could get both male and female plants. This creates more work since you will have to get rid of the males because only female plants produce buds.

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Containers and Grow Medium

Fabric pots might be the best choice since they are easier to use and lead to faster growth as opposed to plastic or ceramic pots.

You also need to decide whether you will grow them in soil or soil-less. Using a pre-made soil mix might be the best choice, although you can certainly make your own. If you opt for a soil-less method, the most popular would be hydroponics – supplying nutrients to roots by circulating water. This method does enable bigger yields and faster growth, but this process requires a lot of attention and is complicated to setup.

Equipment for Environmental Control

Marijuana plants need fresh air and carbon dioxide, and they also like certain temperatures and humidity. To create the perfect growth environment you will need ventilation and oscillating fans, humidifiers or dehumidifiers, temperature and humidity monitors, and a pH meter.

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You will be able to alter your equipment and grow room to better fit your environment and needs as you gain more experience and knowledge. Keep in mind that growing any type of plant is a labor of love, so spend a lot of time with them and have fun in the process.