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Bangalore: Is It Still the Best Place for Real Estate Investment by NRI’s?

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Real estate investment always depends upon the future development and expectations of growth of any region. That is the main criteria, and whoever still thinks that Bangalore, India has become saturated, and there are no further scopes of real estate investment in Bangalore, then they are wrong.

NRI’s are still investing heavily in the most rapidly growing IT hub in India i.e. Bangalore. It has been estimated by many pieces of research that Bangalore will become the biggest IT hub in Asia in a decade. The most important assurance of growth in the real estate sector is the assurance of development in the social, commercial and IT infrastructure of any metropolitan. Bangalore is still growing its IT Parks, SEZ’s and manufacturing hubs at a rapid rate.

Which area within Bangalore would be best to invest in apartments in Bangalore for NRI’s?

The most promising and rapid development has been shown by the Northern sector of Bangalore in terms of industrialization and IT parks. The coming up of a new IT park and industrial hubs in Hebbal area for the past 2 years has promised the development of new housing projects and 1rk for rent in Bangalore for the 1.2 million workforces that are going to join the workforce in the area. If you are interested about this topic you can visit this site housing.com

This rapid development of commercial and social infrastructure in the north Bangalore region has increased the demand for an apartment in Bangalore. This has made northern Bangalore the fastest-growing region of the city, and despite the economic slowdown of the country, numerous housing projects have shown up in this area.

Another big reason for the increase in demand for a house for rent in Koramangala especially by the NRI’s in the northern part of Bangalore is due to the proximity of the Kempegowda International Airport. Connectivity has always been one of the prime demands of NRI’s or IT workers who invest in a house for rent in Koramangala. One of the prime reasons for investing in the northern Bangalore region by the NRI’s and other nationals is the ease of access to air travel for business or leisure. The NRI entrepreneurs who invest in a business in Bangalore in over 900 IT firms in the northern region of Bangalore are also one of the prime customers of a house for rent in Koramangala, North. Most of the house for rent in Koramangala are owned by 35% of IT professionals in India who reside in this metropolitan.

Apartments in Bangalore especially in the northern part are mushrooming up due to the presence of rapidly developing infrastructures like that of the connectivity of BMTC buses and proximity of railway station and Outer Ring Road. Even the 8 lane Bellary road in North Bangalore helps to decongest a lot of the traffic in Bangalore. The phase 2 of the Bangalore metro rail will pass through northern Bangalore areas like Hebbal, Yelahanka, and Devanahalli up to Silk Board will help in the further commuting capability of the area and will increase the cost of apartments in Bangalore.

Apartments in Bangalore like that of Yelahanka are very much in demand, due to the suburb structure which offers the real estate investors like NRI’s peace and comfort from the hassle and noise of the city. Yelahanka region apartments in Bangalore are suitable for NRI’s who want to live a life of peaceful living away from the city, or post-retirement life.

Why 1rk for rent in Bangalore is ideal for real estate investment by NRI’s?

Bangalore being the IT hub and one of the most favored metropolitans for NRI real estate investors has created a certain lifestyle like that of a developed nation within the metropolitan. 1rk for rent in Bangalore is most preferred by urban youths and IT professionals for the following reasons:

  • 1rk for rent in Bangalore is most in-demand due to low maintenance as bigger flats mean more expense in maintenance.
  • 1rk for rent in Bangalorefetch good money as rent and provide a good return on investment to the NRI investors of the property.
  • Most of the IT professionals working in the field are always on the move and therefore 1rk for rent in Bangalore is more suitable for them rather than buying properties.2 BHK flats for rent in Bangaloreare mostly easy to share especially for students, as the rent gets divided and therefore is most in-demand among students.
  • Most of the urban couples living in the city prefer a 2 BHK flat for rent in Bangalore due to the smaller size of families.
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Therefore it is recommended for NRIs to invest in 2 BHK flat for rent in Bangalore as they are most preferred for rent purposes within the metropolitan. The high standard of living in the city also provides good returns as monthly rent for the NRI’s investors who own the 2 BHK flats for rent in Bangalore.

Housing.com is one such real estate website that has helped numerous NRIs to find the choice of the house for rent in Koramangala which they have further listed as 1rk for rent in Bangalore. Housing.com provides features where the buyer can buy as well as can further rent their apartments in Bangalore on the same website. It has lots of features and filters which has helped the NRI’s in buying a house for rent in Koramangala in the following ways:

  • The buyers can choose to buy properties in locations and areas which have a great commute, great nightlife and also rent properties directly from owners without the involvement of brokers.
  • The website housing.com lists RERA compliance properties which protect the NRI buyers against scams and frauds.
  • The website provides various kinds of properties like independent houses, apartments, penthouses, duplex, villas and many more.
  • The buyer can set their budget, location, amenities, the direction of the face of the property, number of bathrooms and many other filters in their search for properties in housing.com.

There are several other features which help the NRI buyers to buy sell or rent their properties in Bangalore whenever they want through the help of Housing.com