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Laura Lee Net Worth 2020

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With modern age and technology, people think that it is much easier to become a celebrity, but you also have to possess some talent and knowledge in order to succeed in this life. One of the people who succeded is Laura Lee, who established herself as an influencer. If you want to know more about this beautiful women, what is exactly her job and what is her current wealth, we suggest that you dive deep into our article, as we are about to explain everything to you.


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Laura Ann Lee Newton’s zodiac sign is Virgo, as she was born on September 1, 1988. She was born in Alabama, or more accurately in Montgomery, which is located in the United States of America, and she spent her childhood there living with her parents and to siblings – a brother and a sister. Before her YouTube career, she used to work as a medical assistant and a preschool teacher.


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Laura Lee was always interested in beauty and fashion, and from early on, she began creating videos in her room on her own, and she would later upload them all on YouTube. Her first YouTube video was uploaded in 2013, and it was titled How To: Contour and Highlight. Six years after its release the video has around 200,000 views so far. Her makeup videos are her main content, despite the fact that she also enjoys fashion. She does talk about fashion in her videos, but makeup is her main focus, and ever since starting her YouTube channel and posting the contour and highlight video, Laura Lee managed to get over 4 million subscribers so far. Most likely, her personality and the way she talks and does things attracted her audience. Nonetheless, whatever the reason is, Lee is extremely successful today, and even she once stated how she would never in a million years believe she would become this much of a celebrity.

Since she is a fan of makeup, Laura Lee started collaborating with many makeup brands. First off, Too Faced in 2016, which is a very successful makeup brand in the world, and in that same year, she joined forces with Violet Voss, who is a fellow YouTuber and the two worked on an eyeshadow palette. In 2017 she published many makeup products, like eye shadow palette called Feline’s Pajamas, another eye shadow palette in 2018 named Nudie Patootie, and three liquid lipsticks.


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Laura Lee seems to be in a lot of controversy over the years. First, there were some tweets from Laura Lee’s Twitter account that made many people and fans second guess their love towards her. Her failed apology only made matters worse, and she was soon found loosing her subscribers and fans.

Another scandal occurred as of recently, and it revolves around Jeffree Star. If you are familiar with Jeffree Star and other beauty YouTube gurus, then you know that Jeffree Star likes to go on an endless rant about them. But this time the tables have turned, and Jeffree Star is actually the victim in this whole story.

Laura, Manny MUA, and other makeup influencers and Jeffree Star have been a friend for many years, but for some reason, that friendship fell apart. Jeffree Star made some controversial comment on Twitter many years ago, and that rasic comment almost cost him his career and his friends, however, when he apologized, everything seemed like it was going to be as it was. Laura and Manny might not have forgotten it, as many fans began talking ad debating over Jefree’s tweet, “entering the funeral of my former best friends as.”

Jeffree talked about friends he lost after his racist comment surfaced the internet, “Why do I feel as if they need to know? Because out there are many versions of what happened. Half of the people still believe that I was the bad guy in history when I only loved and was interested in these people. I ushed them ad gave them all my connections, but I still feel the bad guy in the story.”

When all this happened to Jeffree, Nikita Dragun, Laura Lee, Manny MUA and Gabriel Zamora posted a picture where they tired to offend Jeffree, but unfortunately for them, fans were fast, and they dug up some racist comment from them as well. Laura Lee took the worst blow when her racist tweet from 2012 emerged, where she said, “Advice for all black people: if they lift their pants they can run faster #denada.” People were mad, and her hypocritical and fake apology didn’t do her any justice, so she was on the verge of losing her career.

Laura Lee Net Worth 2020

Source: Instagram

Laura Lee is married to Tyler Williams, who is AN industrial engineer, and they are married since 2015. Her estimated net worth in this 2020 year is around $1 million.


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