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Jojo Babie Net Worth 2024

Source: Instagram

Thanks to the Instagram application, we have a chance to meet various young people who are using their personality to enter a showbusiness world and make a profit out of it. Among them, there is a gorgeous Jojo Babie – an Instagram model who has more than 9.2 million followers today.

Who is Jojo Babie?

Source: Instagram

We are living in an era of Internet and social networks, therefore, it is logical to explore more about everything and to follow strangers on Instagram. However, Jojo is not a random person on Instagram; she shares her content with more than 9 million followers.

Before Jojo got famous, she was known as Jojo Von South, and she was born on 7th November 1988, in Kansas City, Missouri. Jojo comes from an Asian family; her mother was a refuge and migrated to the USA from Laos. But, Jojo doesn’t share any personal information regarding her family, her childhood, and education as well.

Early life and career

Jojo started her Insta – modeling thing around 2013 when she opened her profile and started with extravagant photos which provocatively presented her. Luckily, with her well – shaped body and unique look, she gained a lot of followers in a short period. Soon after that, she started collaborating with professional photographers, which improved her career as Insta – model.

When her Instagram profile has reached around 3 million followers, Jojo signed her first contract with a modeling agency Fashion Nova. Quickly, the number of her Insta followers increased and reached approximately 9 million, and Jojo became an official model for Fashion Nova.

After her first successful project, she got the chance to increase her wealth. Also, she got the opportunity to work with other brands too.

We can say without any doubt that Instagram app shares a significant role in the success of this young lady. Jojo gained most of her fame and fortune by promoting herself over this app, and it is undoubtedly true that she is not making a lot of money from that. Also, after the significant success, Jojo started using her other social media accounts more such as Twitter, where she has 40, 000 followers and counting, and her Facebook page has over 110,000 followers.

However, it seems like Jojo is tired from being constantly on social media, therefore, she stopped using both Twitter and Facebook since 2018, and she is focused only on Instagram today. Regarding the modeling career and Instagram fame, it is probably the best thing to do if she wants to expand her career and gain more followers.

Personal life and relationships


However, when it comes to her personal life, Jojo seems like she is not that type of an Instagram celebrity, who likes to share such information with everyone. We couldn’t find anything regarding her relationships or any other activities, except a few photos of personal life, such as the ones with her dog, etc.

Her followers are waiting for her to announce something regarding her relationship status or similar details, but they can anticipate because Jojo remains silent about such topics.

At this moment, it looks like Jojo is using her official Instagram account only for self – promoting and work, which is entirely professional from her side; we can all agree on that.

Jojo’s height and weight

Although some would say how Jojo is not ”tall enough” to be a professional model, we can say that she made it anyway. Because of the lovely and charming look, long blonde hair and specific dark – brown eyes Jojo is exceptional, and that helps her to stand out. Her height is 1.62m, and she weighs around 58kg. Also, her bra size is 36D. We can say that this beauty has it all.  After all, they say how a picture can say a thousand words, and her collection of over 500 images in bikinis and provocative dresses on Instagram can tell a lot more for sure.

Jojo Babie Net Worth 2024

Source: Instagram

Since she signed a contract with FashionNova, her modeling career blossomed, and she started making more money than ever. Moreover, her wealth increased, and the sources say that Jojo’s net worth is estimated to be around $300,000 for 2024. It is quite amazing knowing that she did it all by herself. Along with the Instagram account and contract with a modeling agency,  we believe Jojo’s wealth is going to increase if she continues with her work.

We are looking forward to seeing how much she will prosper one year time from now.