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David Goffin Net Worth 2024

David Goffin is a Belgium professional tennis player. Goffin is 27 years old, and today he is living in Monaco.

Early life and sports career

David Goffin, born in Belgium, is coming from city Liege and he was born on 7th December 1990. Denis started his tennis career when he was six years old, and since then he never stopped to play tennis. Today he is one of the most talented youngest professional tennis players from the Europe continent.

Moreover, David’s father Michael Goffin is a professional tennis coach, and he encourages him to pursue a tennis career. David is 28 years old today, and he has various prizes and championships behind him.

Source: Tennis World USA

David’s professional career takes a big turn in 2012, the first time when he won his first significant match against player Mischa Zverev in Le Gosier. Later on, the victory against Xavier Malisse at Chennai Open brought him tremendous success and ranked him in the ”top 50 players” list.

During the same year, he managed to qualify for Grand Slam and had a match at French Open too where he had a chance to play against No. 1 tennis player today, Novak Djokovic, and was defeated by him. However, Goffin said that he was enjoyed while playing against one of the greatest tennis players today.

In 2014 he had several grand victories that had to lead him to the US Open. The young tennis player even played against legendary Roger Federer. However, he didn’t win.

David’s achievements made him move up on the ATP list, and he is 22nd now. It is impressive how he managed to come to the 22nd place from 100th in one year period. Also, he attended ATP World Tour in 2017, where he had an opportunity to play against tennis stars such as Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem, Grigor Dimitrov, etc.

David attended numerous cups, and he has over a hundred victories since he started his career. We have no further doubts that he will become new Federer one day.

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Personal life and physical look

Despite his successful career and prosperous future as a professional tennis player, David is a down to earth guy. He likes to spend his free time with his family and friends. He is a proud dog parent and has several dogs at his home in Belgium.

Recently he moved to Monte Carlo, Monaco, where he has the chance to train professionally.

David is dating his long – term girlfriend Stephanie Tuccitto, and the couple is in a happy and peaceful relationship. They often hang out together in public, and they enjoy traveling in pair. Also, Stephanie is very supportive, and she seldom misses his matches.

Source: Brabant Wallon – La Capitale

Although the couple has plans and they want a family, David is still not talking publicly about that.

David uses social media, and he often shares pictures from his travels, usually accompanied by his girlfriend Stephanie, and he is not shy to share his private life with his fans online.

Regarding his physical appearance, David is a quite handsome and good looking tennis player. David is the official model for sports brand Wilson and Asics. Since he is a professional sportsman, he is in good shape and on a healthy diet. Apart from that, he is 1.80 tall and weight 68kg and has blonde hair and green eyes.

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David Goffin Net Worth 2024

David Goffin is young but successful. He trains hard, and his victories are proof of his dedication towards tennis. The result is that this 28-year tennis player’s net worth is $15 million, which is highly impressive. David made $11, 764, 000 in prize money, and we believe his wealth will increase as he continues to play tennis during the years.