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Jim Jones Scared Straight By This Drug Kingpin?

Rapper Jim Jones feared for his life at a New York Club said drug kingpin

Rapper Jim Jones had a near-death experience after booting reputed crack kingpin Ronald Herron out of his music studio over a Bloods gang dispute, a government witness testified Tuesday.

Herron, an aspiring hip-hop artist who called himself Ra Diggs, was enraged after getting the brushoff from a Bloods gang associate of the “We Fly High” rapper, according to Herron’s former driver, Algenis Caraballo.

Herron, 32, barged into the studio where Jones was recording, drawing the ire of the rapper. “Take that Bloods s— outside!” Jones barked at him, Caraballo said in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The 2010 beef didn’t end there, according to Caraballo who was testifying for the government at the drug dealer’s racketeering and murder trial.

Herron stormed out of the studio, shattering a glass door. He was accompanied by a couple of armed goons when they tracked down Jones later that same night at Sue’s Rendezvous jiggle joint in Mount Vernon.

“The DJ shouts out, ‘Ra Diggs is in the building!’ and Jim Jones observes Ra there and it’s like he’s seen a ghost, scared,” Caraballo told prosecutor Shreve Ariail. Jones quickly left.

Herron’s late enforcer at the Gowanus Houses, Tremaine (Cakes) Patterson, was “looking for an eye signal from Ra” to shoot Jones, the witness said.

Jones fled in an orange Camaro, Caraballo recalled. “His whole entourage left,” he said.