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How To Get A Body Like A Stripper

1.Get up early each morning and run 1 to 2 miles. This will get the blood pumping and loosen your muscles so they won’t be tight and tense throughout your day. Daily running also tones and tightens your thighs and calves, which are key body parts of strippers and give them a se*y shape. Squats are the #1 exercise to work out your ass and thighs you can do it in the gym or hold a gallon of water in each hand in the house.

Lie on your back on the floor. Bend your knees and place your feet on the floor, hip width apart. Allow your arms to relax at your sides. Using only your hip muscles lift your hips as high as you can while leaving your upper back on the floor. Hold for one minute then rest. Repeat 15 times.


2.Maintain a very strict and balanced diet with lots of protein and medium carb intake. Ditch those sodas,bread,pasta and cheese. Eat more to speed up your metabolism not less as we age are metabolism naturally slows down. Breakfast is the most important meal and should be the largest then a snack followed by a medium lunch then a snack and dinner should not be ate after 8-9pm.

3.Combine a cardiovascular workout with weight training. The best way to the best bod is to do a 30 minute aerobic workout 5 times a week as well as 30 minutes of weight training (rotating upper and lower body workouts) 4 times a week. Try Tai Bo, it combines both cardio and weight or the cycle cla@$$@.

4. Enroll in a Hip Hop or street funk dance class. This will keep you up to date on the latest moves and give you a complete workout.Dance cla@$$@ will teach you to stretch your muscles and force you to create long, lean muscles as opposed to the bulky muscles of body builders and other athletes. Dance is also a fun form of exercise and will let you release some tension so you can enjoy the process of getting the body you want.

5. Sit up straight! Shoulders back, chest out. It’s amazing what good posture can do for your figure.I heard that body magic works in weight loss and composing your posture.

6. Make the most of your daily routines. Use se* as workout! Take the stairs! Park down the block!

7. If you’re stuck at your desk all day, tighten and release your ab muscles. You’ll forget you’re actually exercising! Also, when you’re walking, contract your bu** and your abs. You can do sets of 10 through out the day and you will notice a difference in weeks.

8. Drink lots of water. There’s nothing better for your skin and your curves. Add squeezed lemon juice to your gallon or water bottle, click here for all the benefits.

9. Don’t be afraid of cosmetic enhancements. If your in Atl you already know the popularity of bu** enhancements and every thing else you can think of.

10. What it comes down to is this: Use what you got to get what you want! Any woman who knows herself can flirt a man into submission, bottom line. Stripping is about having confidence in your being se*y there is no need to buy a pole for the crib if your going to be swinging around on it looking insecure about your body.