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Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s GF Princess Love Reportedly Smashed The Homie Ray J, Then Sets Money May Up To Be Robbed

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has found himself caught up in a web of lies and deception.


Larry Brown Sports reports that boxing’s undisputed pound-for-pound champion was cheated on by his girlfriend Princess Love with Money Team member Ray J.

Princess posted a photo on Instagram from a June trip to Miami in a 2-piece bathing suit. The same one she is wearing in an intimate photo that has been circulating of her and Ray J.


To make matters worse, one of Floyd’s Vegas homes Princess was staying in was reportedly robbed on the night of his September 14th fight with Canelo Alvarez.


$10,000 in cash, eight Rolex watches and other items were taken from the home.When confronted by Floyd about the burglary Princess placed the blame on one of her friends. Money May found the friend, who told him that the whole thing was set up by Love and that she was having an affair with Mr. I Hit It First.


Floyd immediately kicked Princess to the curb upon hearing the news. On September 30th he posted a message on his Instagram account that seemed to allude to his ex.


Mayweather likes to shower his women with gifts, but he allegedly makes them sign an agreement that all items must be returned if they break up.

50 Cent posted a photo on Instagram of Princess with the word “thot” (that hoe over there) written near her head. The photo also had the word “repo” written on several expensive items. An obvious reference to Mayweather’s return policy.


Mayweather is smart. I’m sure the material items stolen from his crib were insured. The 10K, well that has to be charged to the game. A valuable lesson was also learned. You simply can’t trust everyone, even if they do have a big bu** and a nice smile.