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Emergency Plumbing – All You Need To Know About

Emergency plumbing situations are always scary and nuance when it comes to solving the issue at hand. We’re always scared of the thought of being welcomed with a flooded basement when coming back from a vacation. It’s situations such as these that call for emergency plumbing. The mess left behind is truly overwhelming, and in most cases, we have no idea how to deal with it.

But regardless of the issue, plumbing is a necessity for any homeowner. It’s an unwritten rule that plumbing problems occur when we least expect them, and it’s in these situations where you’d need the help from an emergency plumbing service.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything to know about emergency plumbing. Don’t go away as this article might prove useful to you in the foreseeable future.

1. Flooding Emergencies

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Flooding emergencies are the most common ones when it comes to calling a professional plumber to solve your problem. These emergencies usually plague older homes, where the pipes that connect weeping tilling aren’t properly connected with the home’s sewer system.

This emergency is mostly caused by heavy rain. The rain doesn’t necessarily go into the sewer through the pipes, and instead, it goes directly through your home and mostly into your bathroom or floor drains. As a result of bad weeping tilling, the lowest point of your home will end up being flooded, which is usually the basement.

There are many health reasons as to why flooding would be considered a plumbing emergency. You should always call an experienced professional regarding the problem, as he will know what to do and how to solve your issue. Furthermore, an emergency plumber will assess the damage and offer expert advice on where to go from there. As an extra service, he will offer himself to solve the problem from ever becoming an issue again.

2. Frozen Pipes

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Frozen pipes are yet another plumbing emergency that mostly occurs when heading to your vacation home or coming back from one during the winter periods. This is a very frustrating problem as we tend to lock the valves whenever we’re not using our vacation home. As a result, there will be no water in the pipes so there will be no issue of it getting frozen.

On the other hand, if you don’t lock the valves during the winter months it will result in the water freezing in the pipes. We discover the problem the moment we turn on the water and we notice that nothing is coming out.

However, a more, larger, issue lies in this situation as the pipes could burst due to pressure building. In this situation, you will be left with a huge mess to clean, but the damage from a busted pipe could well overwhelm your home. The damage comes in the form of flooded floors, soaked walls, and you can only imagine what the water will do to the furniture.

If you happen to come back from a vacation and discover the pipes are frozen, restrain yourself from turning the water on to prevent it from ever becoming a problem. Instead, call an emergency plumber to solve your issue. This is the only way to solve the problem as a professional and emergency plumber will have the necessary tools to deal with the complexity at hand.

A quick side note. If you happen to be in a need of an emergency plumber, then don’t be afraid to call one. As expert advice, we recommend you call GTARestoration.com, a professional emergency plumber in Toronto.

3. Blocked Drains

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A blocked drain line is yet another problem that calls for an emergency plumbing. Namely, sinks are mostly affected by this, and we can easily discover the issue if we notice that our drains are not draining as they should. There could be many reasons as to what blocks our drains, but the most common ones are debris by hair mix-up.

In other cases, hair is yet once more the problem but this time it affects the pipes which connect to the sewer lines. As a matter of fact, hair is the number one problem that causes blocked.

However, regardless of which part is blocked or what has caused the blockage, you will need to call for an emergency plumber to solve the problem at hand. A professional will not only inspect the issue and figure out what has caused it, but he is equipped with tools that will allow him to fix the problem.

Some plumbers are so well equipped that they make detecting the problem a piece of cake through innovative means. Yes, technological advancements have had an impact on today’s plumbers. And nowadays, plumbers use small cameras mounted to a special type of wire that they use to locate the blockade. Once the blocked part has been discovered, the plumber will use a wide range of tools to approach the issue.

Apart from solving your issue, an emergency plumber will give you expert advice on how to eliminate concerns for the future. If you happen to live in an older home, then do know that your pipes are made out of copper. Copper pipes are very inconvenient because nearly roots from threes have been found to infiltrate them.

If your home happens to have copper pipes, then you would need to replace them with PVC ones. As a side note, no pipe material is perfect, and PVC has been found to bend over after a prolonged period of time.

But how is that possible, you ask? Well, the answer comes in the form of grease mixing with water. When grease and water mix, they result in creating a pool that bends the pipes. This mixture of both fluids can harden over time, creating a blockage in the pipes that are made even more difficult with the bending of the pipe itself.

No homeowner wishes to have to rely on an emergency plumbing service. As these situations are some of the most unwanted ones for homeowners, it would be considered the best practice to always have someone in mind to call whenever the occasion arrives.