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MyPaperHelp or DoMyEssay: Which Should You Choose?

You’ve opened the right page: we’ve tested and compared these two platforms to help you settle on the service best tailored to your needs. Here’s how they stack up in the range of services, order quality, pricing, writer pool, and more.

Both MyPaperHelp and DoMyEssay reviews have earned their reputation with excellent order quality and affordable pricing. So, it’s no wonder why you may be stuck choosing between the two. If both are great, how do you select just one service for your order?

Range of Services

Let’s start with the similarities between DoMyEssay and MyPaperHelp. Both provide custom writing, rewriting, and editing services for students in need. Order types range from simple assignments like essays, coursework, and problem-solving to complex works like research and term papers and dissertations.

As for the range of supported subjects, MyPaperHelp can help you out with an order in any of the 115+ subjects it covers, from English to physics and economics. On the other hand, DoMyEssay offers to proofread your existing draft at an appealing starting rate of $3.00/page.

Verdict: Both MyPaperHelp and DoMyEssay provide a comprehensive range of services for students who require academic assistance. However, DoMyEssay comes with an added bonus of proofreading services, while MyPaperHelp covers more subjects.


Both DoMyEssay and MyPaperHelp have similar pricing for custom writing services. Based on the academic level, prices start at:

  • School: $10.8/page
  • College: $11.4/page
  • University: $12/page
  • Master’s: $13.2/page

At the same time, you can get other services at a pocket-friendly price:

  • Editing: from $5.00/page
  • Rewriting: from $7.99/page

Like the best of the best among essay writing services, DoMyEssay and MyPaperHelp don’t charge customers extra for things like a plagiarism report, title and references pages, and outlines. You also won’t be taken aback by surprise fees during the ordering process: pricing is transparent on both platforms.

Verdict: Both platforms offer affordable pricing – and a great price-quality ratio. They also won’t surprise you with hidden fees at checkout and offer a comprehensive set of free services. It’s a tie!


DoMyEssay boasts an impressive 4.88/5 rating on SiteJabber, based on 2,192 reviews. The number of reviews easily makes it one of the most popular platforms out there. Most DoMyEssay reviews mention on-time delivery and top-notch order quality as the service’s key strengths.

MyPaperHelp, in its turn, has a higher rating of 4.94/5 on SiteJabber. However, it has yet to amass as many reviews as DoMyEssay: as of writing, it has 445 reviews. Every other MyPaperHelp review praises the platform’s adherence to deadlines and writers’ professionalism.

Verdict: Both services know how to cater to their customers’ needs. At the same time, DoMyEssay is a more popular service among students, while MyPaperHelp manages to keep an almost perfect rating.

Source: techaio.com


DoMyEssay thoroughly screens applicants before they can become writers. Every applicant has to go through an identity check, diploma verification, interview, and test in order to make it to the trial period. All helpers are verified to have experience in the field, hold a BA or MA degree, and be native English speakers.

MyPaperHelp, in turn, holds its experts to a high standard as well: only 3% of applicants ever make it to its writer pool. MyPaperHelp applicants have to hold a BA or MA in their field, be a native English speaker, and have at least three years of experience.

While both platforms ensure their writer pool is well-qualified and can cover any academic assistance need, each of them has its own specialty. DoMyEssay helpers excel at mimicking customers’ writing styles, provided you attach samples to the order form. MyPaperHelp experts, in turn, ace research-intensive, lengthy orders like term papers and dissertations.

Verdict: Both platforms carefully vet their experts so that you can choose from knowledgeable, experienced academic writing professionals. However, DoMyEssay experts stand out with their ability to copy unique writing styles, while MyPaperHelp’s helpers are second to none when it comes to research and analytical thinking.

Order Quality

When it comes to ensuring order quality, DoMyEssay and MyPaperHelp each have a dedicated QA team for this job. Its members verify the order’s uniqueness and adherence to requirements. So, you get a plagiarism-free order tailored to your needs with each of the platforms.

As for the writing quality itself, both platforms clear a high bar, mostly thanks to selecting the top talent for the writer pool. Their experience ensures formatting guidelines are followed to the letter, and every order is in-depth and well-written.

However, as we mentioned in the previous section, DoMyEssay excels at mimicking customers’ unique writing styles, making it a perfect choice for essay writing services. MyPaperHelp, in turn, delivers outstanding complex orders, all at a bargain price, making it a better choice for research papers, term papers, and dissertations.

Verdict: Both platforms maintain a high order quality with careful writer selection and dedicated QA teams. However, DoMyEssay delivers essays of unparalleled quality, while MyPaperHelp outdoes other services in research-intensive order quality.

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Both DoMyEssay and MyPaperHelp have an unlimited free revision policy. This means that once you get your order, you can ask your helper to improve it – if that’s necessary, of course. You may want to have this option in case you get an order with a couple of typos, for example.

Of course, revisions take time, regardless of the platform. So, you should take that into account before you select the deadline for your order. (We advise you to check the box “I need my order before the due date” and allow for several extra hours in case revisions are needed.)

That said, experts on both platforms respond to revision requests fairly fast. However, we found that the MyPaperHelp staff introduced them somewhat faster – the difference amounted to half an hour, but still.

Verdict: While both platforms stand by their promise of unlimited free edits, MyPaperHelp’s helpers tend to implement them a bit faster than their counterparts at DoMyEssay.

The Bottom Line

So, which platform should you choose? Well, it depends! Both DoMyEssay and MyPaperHelp deliver on their prices and provide great value for the money. However, DoMyEssay is a more suitable choice for you if:

  • You need your helper to mimic your tone of voice and style perfectly.
  • Your order is urgent (under 24 hours), and you need to be certain it’s A-worthy despite time constraints.
  • You need continuous help with routine assignments throughout the year.
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On the other hand, MyPaperHelp is a better option if:

  • You need an affordable service to help you out with a complex, lengthy order like a term paper or dissertation.
  • Your assignment requires a lot of research.