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Is Growing Marijuana Legal in the US?

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Under the U.S. Federal Law, it is illegal to keep and use marijuana for any purpose, as stated under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. It also included the cultivation of these plants. But under the state level, each state has varying approaches to their policies regarding the use of marijuana as medicine and recreation. So growing marijuana at home depends on the policy implemented on each state. States are not required to enforce federal law. You can get information regarding different strains, check out this site for more information.

The medical use of marijuana is legal under 33 states. Eleven (11) states have legalized the use of recreational marijuana, and fifteen (15) states have also decriminalized it. They permit commercial distribution of cannabis in states where it is legalized, except for two States on the East Coast.

The use of marijuana may be illegal under Federal Law, but the U.S.F.D.A. allows some of its derivative compounds for prescription use as Cannabinoid drugs. These are:

  • Marinol and Syndros (Tetrahydrocannabinol)
  • Cesamet (Nabilone)
  • Epidiolex (cannabidiol)
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As mentioned before, the cultivation of marijuana is illegal under Federal Law. With each state having its policy on Cannabis use, they are the ones that determine its lawfulness. There are six states where marijuana cultivation and production are encouraged. The weather conditions are highly suited for its production, and the state’s policy allows people to grow and use them. They are in:


This state is the biggest producer of different cannabis strains in the US. The climate I warm and sunny all year long, and the cultivation of these plants is completely legal.


The first state east of the Mississippi River to legalize recreational marijuana. It does not get too hot during the summer, and it does not rain too often. It’s the perfect condition to grow marijuana in this state, except during the winter season, where it gets really cold.


Michigan allows folks to grow marijuana in their homes. To get that permit, you have to be a registered medical patient. This policy may soon change once recreational marijuana is legalized in this state this November 2019.


Just like California, the weather is sunny and warm all year round, which is highly suited for growing this herb. The cultivation is also 100% legal, so there’s no problem planting them in this state.


This state is well-known for its massive forests. The weather conditions are not too hot during the summer and not too cold during the winter, which is perfect for cultivating plants. These conditions are suitable for growing marijuana.


Just like any state on the west coast, the weather conditions are perfect for growing any plants. However, Washington is infamous for having regular rain showers throughout the year. It is not ideal for growing marijuana, so it would be advisable to grow your plants indoors.

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There are two states where marijuana production is highly suitable. The weather conditions, soil, and access to irrigation make these states the second highest producer of marijuana in the country. But there’s a catch: growing marijuana there is illegal. These states are Tennessee and Kentucky.

There are states where recreational marijuana is legalized and sold to the public in licensed dispensaries. They also allow medical marijuana in their jurisdiction. These states are Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and California.

Some states strictly followed the Federal Law of keeping marijuana illegal in their jurisdictions. Cultivation and recreational use of marijuana on these locations can get you into trouble. These seventeen (17) states are Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas,

Last December, the passage of the Farm Bill legalized the regulated production of marijuana. The bill also allows resident adults of these 17 states access to CBD products for medical use. Perhaps in the future, more of the states will be legalizing marijuana production, use, and transport in their jurisdictions. Perhaps more and more people will no longer treat marijuana as a doper when the time comes.  The future is bright for marijuana, indeed!

The Do’s And Don’ts When Growing Marijuana In The U.S.

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The Do’s

Consider Hiring People That Are Not From The Cannabis Industry

Many think that hiring a person that has “master growers” affects the productivity and work results when managing marijuana producing facilities. In reality, these skills can come from anyone, as long as they have enough experience. People should consider the fact that there is a big difference between knowing how to manage 3,000 plants plus 30 employees from growing 30 cannabis plants in their homes. Always remember that anyone is teachable. It’s better to teach an experienced business person about cannabis, not the other way around.

Give Importance To How Well Your Employees Treat Customers

Customers are responsible for helping your business thrive and hiring employees that don’t have proper customer service ethics can pose a problem in the long run. While doing interviews, take note of how an applicant speaks, especially how they would handle difficult customer-related situations. Consumers, if poorly treated, remember every detail, and that won’t be a big help for you or your business.

Invest In Great Packaging

There is truth in the saying “first impressions last” because almost everyone takes notice of products that have great packaging. If you want your cannabis products to sell in the future, take the time to sit down and think of design and colors that can catch the customer’s eye the moment they step in a store. Most business owners agree that it’s more straightforward to sell a mediocre product with beautiful packaging than vice versa.

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The Don’ts

Don’t Think That You Can Do It All

A common mistake most business owners make is that they try to do everything. The best thing to do is choose one action that you think is best (or one which you can do), and work on that. Most successful businesses are a result of the owners facing the reality that they can’t do everything. Instead, it would be best to focus on one thing and improve from there. If your top priority is to enhance your weed plantation, then focus on that and leave the rest– packages, sales talk, distribution– to those who know how to do it.

Don’t Rely On Ideas Alone, Invest In Experienced Teams

According to Warren Buffet, investing in a team is better than investing in an idea. To better explain this, imagine having two sides. One has excellent ideas, but the members don’t have much experience in the field. On the other hand, the other team is well experienced and has gone through the highs and lows of business trends. Which one would you choose?

Lack of Basic Information

Before venturing into anything, be it a business or whatnot, make sure you know what you’re getting into and how everything works. Not only does this save you from unwanted mistakes, but it also helps you manage your business better. Know the basics about cannabis plantation and everything else essential to make the business thrive, and this is a good start for everyone wanting to get involved.