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Danielle Cohn Net Worth 2024

Danielle Cohn is an American social media personality, actress, model, video blogger and TikTok star. In 2015, she won the Miss Florida Jr. Preteen Queen title, which paved the way for her future job as an influencer. She made numerous videos on the TikTok app. Her Instagram and YouTube profile has a massive base of followers. She is also well-known for modeling for brands like Lisa B Jewerly and Juicy Couture.

Early Life

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On 7th March, 2004, in Florida, United States, Jennifer Cohn gave birth to Danielle Haleigh Cohn. The information about Danielle’s father is unknown, but it is believed that he is in good relationship with his famous daughter. Danielle has two siblings: a brother named Chad Cohn, and a sister named Maria Cohn.

Her mother Jennifer used to work two jobs to make ends meet: during a day, she worked as a teacher, and at night show worked as a cashier. She helped her daughter manage her social media accounts, while Danielle’s brother Chad helped escort her to pageant events.

Social Media Career


Even when she was much younger, Danielle enjoyed being in the limelight, which is why she participated in beauty pageants. She had moral support from her family, which helped her a lot.

In 2015, she won the Miss Florida Jr. Preteen Queen title, and that is when he fame started rising. Numerous brands wanted her to promote them and their products. She became very active on social media and earned a huge following.

So far she has 3.6 million Instagram followers, 1.3 million YouTube subscribers, and over 500,000 Twitter followers. She also uses the TikTok app and Snapchat, and many people follow her there too.

Danielle has worked with a modeling agency named BMG Modeling Agency, and that is how she managed to get to work for brands like Lisa B Jewerly, Juicy Couture and other.

In 2017, Danielle released her first single named Marilyn Monroe. The music video for the song has several million views on YouTube. She has some other songs like Fix Your Heart, Hate On The Summer, and Little Like Paradise.

Danielle Cohn Store is her own online store where she sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, mobile phone covers and some other items.

She claims that everything she earned is a result of her courageousness and the support from her family members.

Body Characteristics

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Danielle Cohn is 5 feet tall and weighs 46 kg. She has hazel eye color, and her hair is dark brown.

Private Life

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Danielle Cohn may still be young, but she dated numerous fellow influencers so far. In early 2017, she was in a relationship with Owen Bodnar. In July same year, she dated Cole Galotti but replaced him with Sebastian Topete in September. She is currently dating Mikey Tua.

Danielle is a very good friend of Loren Gray.

Danielle Cohn Net Worth 2024

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Danielle Cohn’s net worth is estimated at up to $2.8 million. Her mother reportedly said she saves up to 20% of Danielle’s earnings to her private bank account, another 20% goes to their bills, and the rest is for Danielle to spend alone.