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Top 5 Watch Trends for Men in 2024

Watches are a lot more than telling the time. A good watch is also a fashion statement, a chance to accessorize a sharp suit or just a fun way to express your personality. If you are looking to add a watch to your collection or if you are excited to buy a new accessory, you will be able to learn what are the biggest watch trends for 2024. Let’s take a look at the list:

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1. The Revival of Retro

Traditional designs are not exactly a new development in the watch industry – and last year made that painfully apparent. However, this year, brands seem to be diving headfirst into the way cooler side of retro. For example, Bulova recreated some cool designs from the alarm clock of the Computron to the concept of Accutron. They have also done some amazing work with the ‘60s-styled Devil Divers. Seiko switched up their act as well, although, with an even cooler diving watch – the recreated Prospex from the ‘70s diver’s re-creation of the limited edition SLA033.

2. Cutting-Edge Composites

And once again, materials are at the forefront of the horological innovation. The watch industry is putting the aerospace industry yo shame with its ultra-hard composites, near-magical metals, and military-grade alloys. The biggest examples of this are TAG Heuer and Zenith. Earlier this year, TAG Heuer shows their Carrera Nanograph, a quite cool watch that features a unique carbon hairspring.

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3. A Splash of Color

According to the experts from www.thewatchcompany.co.jp, we are finally getting a little bit of color in the mix. For almost ten years now, blue has been a trend. However, since the beginning of this year, blue, red, and orange started showing up in watch designs more. It looks like we have the retro outlook to thank for the new colors since both A Lange & Sohne and Czapek & Cie have some cool salmon dials – but generally speaking, watchmakers seem to be having more fun with the dial design.

4,0The Spirit of Collaboration

There is an expression that says that is your inspiration runs dry, you should drink from someone else’s. 2024 is obviously the year of collaboration since Hublot is continuing their partnership with tattoo artist Sand Bleu and geometric sculptor Richard Orlinski. TAG Heuer started the year with their second collaboration with Alec Monopoly, and even new French watchmaker MB&F found their own Japanese graffiti artist – and their collab produced one of the coolest concept pieces today.

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5. Value For Money

You might be wondering how this can be a trend? Well, it might not be, but it is the most important thing. All these timepieces that are mentioned are actually affordable. With so many value propositions out there, ranging from a lot of Kickstarter to Formex’s exquisite COSC-Certified Essence, even the biggest name started realizing that they cannot cruise on brand recognition alone.


The people from Watch Shopping share our opinion that these five trends from the article will help you stay fashionable, and it will allow you to show off your personality in 2024. Hence, if you do not own some watches that feature these designs, do not waste any more time and start browsing for the trendiest watch out there.