Home News Crazy Horse Saloon and Pink Pony South Lost Their Strip Club Licenses

Crazy Horse Saloon and Pink Pony South Lost Their Strip Club Licenses

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — The business licenses of two Forest Park restaurants that were once strip clubs have been revoked.

“If these two operations had performed as the ordinance asked, this would never have taken place,”

Forest Park City Manager John Parker said.

City officials said surveillance video taken inside the Crazy Horse Saloon and Pink Pony South shows employees touching and exposing themselves to customers, in violation of city and state laws. Both businesses gave up their adult entertainment licenses earlier this year to get a liquor license.

“It appears that there might have been some illegal activity with some of the ladies,”

Parker said.

According to the order to revoke the licenses, which was made public Monday, both businesses continued to operate as adult entertainment establishments, even though both are licensed as restaurants. An attorney representing the businesses disputes the alleged violations.

“If somebody sits on my lap, that does not make me an adult entertainment club,”

attorney Aubrey Villines said.

Now, both businesses have been stripped of their business and liquor licenses.

“I believe the process was sound,”

Parker said.

Villines said the businesses addressed past issues.

“We had one violation that we thought was a violation and we fired that person immediately,” Villines said.

“We were visited more often, about four times more often that other consumption clubs,”

He called the entire process flawed and said his clients were unfairly targeted and harassed by the city.Both businesses have 30 days to appeal the decision.