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College Girl Could Lose All Her Limbs After Passing Out Drunk In -17 Degree Temperatures


Terrible story from the University of Minnesota Duluth. 19-year-old sopho**re Alyssa Jo Lommel suffered serve hypothermia after passing out on her front porch in subzero temperatures. The temperatures in Duluth dropped to -17 on the Friday night she went out drinking. Now, because of the severe frostbite, she may lose her limbs. According to the report:

After being dropped off around midnight, Lommel wasn’t discovered until 9:30 a.m. Police found her cellphone on the back porch and footprints matching the boots she had on in the backyards of the two homes.

Lommel’s night included time spent at parties in homes around the University of Minnesota Duluth, where she is a student. Friends and roommates interviewed said Lommel did not appear to be noticeably intoxicated, and the men who dropped her off at her home said they didn’t wait to see if she entered or not.

“He hit the locks and she got out and they drove away,” the police report states.

The driver of that pickup was asked how intoxicated Lommel was. Friends said she had been drinking for six hours, including a game where she took tequila shots. Police reported finding a Twitter entry from Lommel stating “Yum Yum 10th shot of tequila.”

The man who dropped her off told police that Lommel had “no more than usual” when it came to drinks that night.

“Just like a normal party chick,” the report read when talking about the driver’s observations. “She wasn’t wasted. She could talk. And she wasn’t falling-down drunk.”

Here’s a Tweet from the night of the incident: