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Chiara Ferragni Net Worth 2024

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If you ever wondered what a word influencer means, we have probably the definition of this word. An influencer is a person that determines what the world will wear, drink, eat, and where people will spend their vacations. This influence can be shared by just one post from social media platforms like Instagram. Besides their impact on the public’s opinion on a certain topic, they are making a serious amount of dollars in the process. Some of them are going to be honest about their beginnings. For those people, it was not so easy to achieve success.

The road was pretty rocky for them. Today, they are living the dream, if we can say it like that, but they don’t forget how hard it was in the beginning. One of them is an Italian Fashion Blogger, Chiara Ferragni. Today, she is really popular because of her fashion blog, called “The Blonde Salad”. Her blog was really popular even before Instagram was. If you are interested in her early years, private life, career, and of course, her net worth, stay with us for a couple of minutes. Without further ado, let us begin.

Private Life


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Chiara Ferragni was born on the 7th of May 1987. She was born in a city of Cremona, but she spent the majority of her life in Milan, the world capital of Fashion. Her mother is Marina Di Guardo, a writer, and her father is Marco Ferragni, a dentist. Her father comes from Lombardy, while her mother has origins from Sicily.

According to her, she had a really happy childhood. She was two siblings, two younger sisters. Her sister Valentia is a fitness star and the other one, Francesca, is a dentist, like their father.

Professional Life

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She started modeling when she was just 16 years old. He quickly became a part of Milan’s popular “Beatrice Models”. She had many interests, but she opted to be a model and discarded all of the other ones. We can say that she is some kind of pioneer when it comes to fashion blogging. She was working that before some people even knew what that means.

Firstly, she had an account on a social media platform called Flickr. Pretty quickly she accumulated a lot of followers. Just to have a sense of time, that was back in 2007.

Can you imagine that? Two years later, she created her own fashion blog called “The Blonde Salad”. She spotted the opportunity before many people that are now successful in the industry. Pretty quickly, she became one of the most influential and most prominent fashion bloggers in the world.

Even though she was pretty successful when she was just a girl, she didn’t give up on her education. She graduated from University Bocconi. In 2011, she had 1 million subscribers on her channel. At the same time, she had around 10 million people who visited her channel every month.

She even published an e-book that has the same name as her blog. In 2013 she became a model for popular fashion brand “Guess”. Pretty soon, she got the opportunity to design a shoe collection.

Chiara Ferragni Net Worth 2024

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In 2024, her estimated net worth is $10 million. The majority of her money comes from her designed shoes. The other big part of her wealth comes from her earnings on social media platforms, most notably her account on Instagram and her YouTube channel.

Since she is only 32 years old, we are pretty certain that her net worth will continue to grow in the future, along with her popularity.