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Donk Of The Day Video : Rikki Renee

Check out Rikki Renee dancing to Rihanna - Rude Boy (Remix) (feat. Cassidy And Jag). For older posts of Rikki Renee check out 'The...

Model Of The Moment : Kristina Divine

Friday's model of the moment goes by the name of Kristina Divine, check out her interview inside. Stats 34-25-43 125lbs 5'3 Where are you from?...

Miss AppleBottom 2010 Anna

Check out the 2010 Miss Apple Bottom winner by the name of Anna and the runner up shari. It's going to take more than...

Night Club Donk Of The Day

She has a all natural diamond in the rough donk,she doesn't look like the type of women who is trying to use her assets...

Trina’s Camel Toe

She might of lost weight and her ass but her camel toe is still phat.Propz:Kidunot Newest Message Board Posts: Jill Scott, Djimon Hounsou, Kerry Washington Team...

Tina Blackwell aka Ms. Ice

Tina Blackwell aka Ms. Ice is a fresh face with a crazy waist,get used to her cause she is going to make a impact...

Gucci Mane ‘I Want Her’ Featuring Bria Myles

Bria Myles is starring in Gucci's newest video called 'I Want Her' check her out.

Stephanie Kyoko Smooth Girl Flix

The basketball bottomed model Stephanie Kyoko's Smooth Girl debut photos. Newest message board post: Beanie Siegel Jay-Z Diss: “I Ain’t Ya Average Cat”

Rihanna Camel Toe

She is working with a little something something between those thighs,I guess that's what drove Chris crazy. Rihanna looks like she gets freaky deaky...

Top 3 Donks Of The Day

There is 3 Donk of the day contestants who wins the gold? Donk of the day has spread through out the internet like a virus,some...

Preparing Your Child for Their Trip to the Dentist

Going to the dentist is infamous around the world for being one of the least favorite appointments people have. Starting from an early age,...

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