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Model Of The Moment : Kaaydah Marie

Wednesday’s model of the moment goes by the name of Kaaydah Marie check out her pictures and Q&A session.

Her measurements are 34-24-39..

1. So where did you grow up?

Kaaydah: I grew up in Ontario Canada as well as Des Moines Iowa

2. Most overused Phrase on twitter?

Kaaydah: hmm…maybe omg? lol

3. Corniest pickup line youve heard thus far?

Kaaydah:Are you that girl in that one music video?

4. Favorite food or resteraunt to eat out at on a special night?

Kaaydah: I love Thai food. Pad Thai is a favorite of mine.

5. Basketball Baseball Football or c.none of the above? lol

Kaaydah: Basketball

6. Have you achieved all the goals youve set out to achieve in 09?

Kaaydah: For the most part I would say so!

7. Are you currently in a relationship?

Kaaydah: Yes.

8. Tv or Internet?

Kaaydah: T.V.

9. Favorite bodypart?

Kaaydah:lips and booty!

10. Tell us something somebody would be shocked to know about you?

Kaaydah: I enrolled in college at 16.

11. Is there ever a time you get bored with modeling and think youd like to
do something else?

Kaaydah: Modeling is for fun so if I get bored, I don’t do it 🙂

12.Favorite Drink in the Club?

Kaaydah: Patrone and Lime

13. Most overused Phrase online?

Kaaydah: I use smiley faces a lot and LOL

14. Any Fetishes?

Kaaydah: Nah.

15 what would you say is the most Attractive quality in a Man.. something you find that
just turns you on instantly.

Kaaydah: His mind.

16. Tell us about an experience that impacted your life in a posetive way youll
never forget.

Kaaydah: Living in Jamaica with my family was amazing. I grew so much and got to meet a lot of family I never knew I had. It helped me appreciate my life so much.

17. Are you currently in school? tell us about your goals behind the camera

Kaaydah: I have a degree in management already and I will be Pre-Med in January so I am excited!

18. Books or Movies?

Kaaydah: Books

19. We here at Urbancandyshop.com will be doing Exclusive photoshoots soon
what do we have to do to get you to come back and bless the Lens?

Kaaydah: just ask 🙂

20. Where can people find you @ on twitter?

Kaaydah: @kaaydahmarie

21. And Is there anything youd like to say to your fans or any readers who might
want to know where they can find out more about you?

Kaaydah: thanks so much for the love! check me out at myspace.com/kaaydahmarie, youtube.com/kaaydahmarie and @kaaydahmarie.Q&A via urbancandyshop

kaaydah marie
kaaydah marie