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Ali Milan Twit Pics

ali milan
ali milan
ali milan
ali milan

The 5’9 36-26-42 model Ali Milan hailing from Cali poses in the bathroom and her bedroom taking some Twit pics.

Ethnicity: Caucasian (Israeli/English)

Myspace: www.myspace.com/officialalimilan

Occupation: Model/Accountant

Favorite Movie: Little Mermaid

Favorite Song: Pony by Ginuwine

Favorite Vacation Spot: Israel!

Do you have any toys: Who doesn’t?!

Name 3 Girls You would do: lol, I haven’t properly a@$$@sed any for my lineup..

What’s Your Favorite Physical Asset: My smile

Favorite Position: Doggy

Ever Fake An orgas**: Yes, I don’t really think its such a horrible thing to do really..I mean, why not make the guy feel like he’s doing it right??

What turns you on about a guy: Tall, smart, funny, intelligence, and cologne is always a turn on lol

What turns you off about a guy: Dirty fingernails and Liars!

What Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink: se* on the beach!

Name 3 words that best describe you: se*y, Honest, Fun

What do you do for fun: I love going to the gym (no lie), shopping, going out with friends, hiking, reading, watching sports, dancing, se* lol

What is your fantasy: Joining the mile high club with the pilot

What do you wear to bed: I usually sleep naked, or in a tank top and g-string