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Do You Want to Buy a Shed for Your Backyard or Build One?

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Many homeowners prefer having more outdoor space for storage. It allows them to store some of their essential tools and equipment, which they do not prefer keeping inside their house.

The purpose of such sheds is mostly for storing various garden tools, for working on personal hobbies, providing shelter for pets, or for doing a small workshop in the yard. They are usually simple roofed small and single-floor structures. You can build such sheds in your backyard garden, or even on your front lawn as an extension to the garage.

They can be built with many different kinds of materials e.g., metals, wood, and plastic, etc. You can check out the website 3D Shed Plans for some of the best DIY ideas. It will also help you in deciding on the right location for the shed.

Let us now look at the various pro and cons of taking up this shed building project the DIY way, as well as buying the readymade sheds. With both options, you will be able to add additional space to your requirements.

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Building your shed in a DIY way

Many of you may be young and enthusiastic, and may also have some carpentry skills. So why not make use of your knowledge and skills to do an interesting project, which can add more space and beauty to your surroundings.

Let us discuss various pros of taking up such projects all by you:

You can enjoy your building process

Homeowners who have carpentry skills and tools will certainly enjoy making their own shed, as this will give an opportunity for them to show their creativity. These types of Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are very popular in the UK, and people who are not even professional carpenters enjoy the process. After all, you are doing something of your own choice with your own hand.

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You will have full control over your DIY project

While building your shed, you will have full control over your entire creative process. As per your own need, you are able to choose and add any of your customized preferences like shelves, hooks, benches, lofts, an extra number of windows, etc.

Custom-built shed just for you

Whatever you will build in your shed will be perfect. If not, you can always modify it in the future if needed. Proper planning can help you get it right.

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Availability of storage shed-kits at affordable price

You might think that the pre-built sheds are too expensive, but the good news is that the storage shed kits are available in the market for quite reasonable prices too. These kits can be assembled easily by anyone who has decent technical skills.

Also, you can customize these kits in several ways, based on your plans and chosen material. This will allow you to compliment the space of your home with an attractive outdoor building, without spending a lot of money. If you don’t have the tools, you can hire a local carpenter to get the assembling job done.

You can get a professional finish with your DIY efforts

Even if you are not a very skillful artisan, you can get these kits to build a high-quality shed. It will still have that professional finish that you are seeking. These kits are available with all the required pieces that will be needed to build the shed.

There is o need to invest in expensive tools or heavy equipment to build the shed, but you will need the basic tools. Based on the model you purchase, you may have to do some cutting in order to fit various parts. There will be clear instructions available with the kit. Also, the supplier will provide customer service that is just a phone call away.

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Better resale value

In comparison to any prefabricated shed, a custom-built shed will be liked more by others. In case you ever decide to sell your home in the future, you can expect a better resale value. Your property will certainly become more attractive with this new addition.

That is because, with a custom-built shed, it will be possible to get exactly what is needed. You can use the extra space as a storage unit, or home office, or the space for doing your hobbies.

Now let us see various cons of this option.

  1. Need significant knowledge about construction – Everybody may not enjoy doing such DIY projects, particularly those who have no knowledge of construction and have never done this kind of project. Also, people who are busy in their main professions may not have enough time to devote to such project.
  2. Requires various tools and materials – Building your own shed means you will need a few tools, without which you may not be able to work efficiently. Also, one must know how to handle such tools.
  3. No warranty for making any mistakeUnlike in the pre-built sheds, there will be no warranty if you make any mistake in your DIY project. All your efforts and money may go waste for taking up such a project.
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Buying a shed

The following are few pros of selecting this option of buying your sheds.

  1. You can get many options on styles and sizes – Plenty of options can be found in the market, and you have the freedom to choose your size or style.
  2. Peace of mind – You can just relax, and the shed will be built without taking too much pain.
  3. High-quality materials, as well as warrantyHigh-quality materials, are generally used for building sheds, and the supplier will also offer you a warranty on the quality.

The following are a few cons of buying your sheds.

  1. The cost can be very high – They are available at a very high price.
  2. No creative control on your project – You have to satisfy yourself with the design, as there will be little scope to make much change.
  3. May not have enough custom features like DIY shed – You may not be able to have as much customization that you can get with the DIY option.

Having seen both sides of the coin, you can now make a better decision on how you want to build your shed.