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What’s the Best Way to Take Kratom

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Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree that has a lot of medicinal benefits that became very popular these past couple of years. More accurately, its leaves are the ones that have the medicinal benefits. They can be turned into powder, put in a capsule, or made into a pill. However, this isn’t some new substance that we discovered in the 21st century. In fact, there is a lot of evidence that these tree leaves have been used for medicinal properties for hundreds of years. The first documentation of kratom was from 1839 by a Dutch botanist.

This long history of use of these leaves has shown us the many benefits we can get out of them. It has also shown us all of the different ways we can consume it. And believe me, you will want to know all of the different ways it can be taken. The simplest reason is that it tastes awful. It is very bitter and can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

However, with all the different ways you can take kratom, you can change the taste of it completely. And here are some of those ways.


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Traditionally, in the past, the easiest way people could medically use herbs was through chewing. Through biting, the fibers of the plants, flowers, or leaves start to tear and release all of those substances that provide a medical benefit. In other words, the only way people could consume herbs was through chewing.

So, if you want to acquire the benefits of kratom fast and in the simplest method possible, you can just start chewing the leaves.

Swallow the powder with water

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For those that have acquired kratom in a powder instead of their natural form (leaves), chewing is not exactly an option. The powder cannot be chewed and needs to dilute it with water or some other liquid for easier consumption. However, people around the planet have discovered a new and very effective method of taking this paragraph.

I have to warn you though, not everyone can handle this method. It is quite direct and can be harsh to the throat. Now, once I have warned you and if you still want to continue, I will explain the process.

Before you do anything, make sure you have a glass full of water next to you. Once you’re prepared, take a spoonful of the power and quickly pour it in your mouth. Hold it there on your tongue or in your cheek and then get a nice gulp of water from the glass. First, swish in mouth for 10 or 15 seconds and then you can finally swallow.

It is no secret that the taste will be awful, but with the help of water you will dilute it a bit and there won’t be any aftertaste. I would advise avoiding swallowing the entire those in one go. You can split this method into several parts.

Make some tea

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The second simplest method to consume kratom is to make a tea out of it. By going down this path, you will get all of the benefits from it and you will enjoy a nice cup of tea too. The process of making the tea is quite simple and it is basically the same as preparing any other type of leaf such as mint, yellow, green, or black tea. But, I think I should still explain the process to avoid any kind of confusion or complications.

First, feel at least 200 mL of water and boil it. Once the water has reached its boiling point, pour it in a cup, and then put the powder in it. Get a small teaspoon and start to stir. Since kratom powder doesn’t mix really great with water, I would advise you to stir at least for a couple of minutes. Once everything is mixed and you do not see any traces of powder in your drink, you can add a bit of brown sugar or maybe honey to sweeten the taste. Without any sweetener, it will taste quite bitter. But, if you can handle the bitterness, go ahead.


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Many people on the Internet claim that consuming kratom through capsules might be both the most enjoyable method out of the bunch. Since the capsules used for this kind of powder are made out of a softshell, according to kratomrack.com, you won’t feel any kind of burning in your throat because of too much dryness.

The best part is that you can drink these capsules with anything you want. It can be coffee, tea, water, or maybe even juice. Although, I wouldn’t recommend drinking it with alcohol or very carbonated drinks which might pierce the softshell of the capsule and let the powder pour out in your mouth.

Mix with yogurt

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Assuming that you can’t handle the swishing method or drinking it as a tea, you are probably looking for something stronger. You will need something that will completely nullify the natural taste of kratom. And, believe it or not, doing that is actually quite easy. All you will need is to mix the powder with a bit of yogurt and then just start eating with a spoon. For the best taste, I personally pick some fruit-flavored yogurt that will completely replace the taste of anything else.

Mix it with your morning cereal

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This is a method that I haven’t seen anyone else share online, so I thought that I would share this experience with everyone else. Honestly, I believe that mixing kratom with my morning cereal might actually be the best way to consume it. It is almost like you haven’t added anything to your cereal, but you still get all of those benefits from it. It is a win-win situation.

I think everyone who has had experience with kratom can agree that it tastes awful, but thanks to all of these different methods people have discovered, we can both consume it in a much simpler method without leaving that awful bitterness in the mouth and burning sensation in the throat.