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Hidden Money: How Much Is Your Old iPhone Worth Now?

Like most items of technology that you buy, the current iPhone that you have will start to become less and less valuable as time goes by. Depreciation is a reality of a lot of things that we buy, with technology and cars being some of the things that can lose their value the fastest.

If you still have an old first-generation apple, with the original box that it came in, then you could be in the money. In 2018 a used, original 4GB iPhone with its box was sold on eBay for over £1000! That same year an unopened 8GB iPhone second generation from back in 2007 sold for over £4000! Depending on the condition of the old iPhones that you have, you could be in to make quite a bit of money, which can be great to put towards a new phone, as well as being used for saving for a rainy day.

One of the keys to getting some big money is still having the original box. Without, it is likely to be a lot less. So if you have some extra time on your hands at the moment, then it could be worth looking around the house to find it; perhaps you left it up in the attic? The first iPhones weren’t exactly rare, as millions of them were produced. But these days, people may have thrown out or really damaged their original iPhone, and not have it to sell. If you do, you could be onto something. The better condition, then the more that you’ll be able to sell for, as with anything.

So if you have an old iPhone just sitting in a drawer at home, even if it isn’t an original, or want to trade your current one before the value of it really drops, then there is no time like the present. The longer you leave them to sell or trade-in, the lower their value will be. But how can you determine how much the value of your Apple device will be if it is a model that is a few years old? Here are some averages from phone trade-in and sell my mobile websites, so you can get an idea of how much your phone would be worth. If you are ready to sell your mobile, you never know, you could have a mini-goldmine sat in your kitchen drawer ready to be sold!

iPhone 6S

Source: Mass Mobiles

The average price for an 6S on selling sites is around £50, but more for an iPhone 6S Plus. How does that compare? The 6S was released back in 2015, with the Plus version at the same time. The original retail price was around £400, going up depending on the storage that you chose for the phone, and the 6S Plus adding another £100 or so on each price. Back in 2019, the 6S was discontinued by Apple, so once it is gone, it is gone. For an iPhone fan wanting a solid option, then the 6S is just that. You’ll get all that is offered from an iPhone, but without the large pricing. As such, it can be a great phone for first-timers or for someone who doesn’t need the fancier things that come from a newer model.

iPhone 7

Source: Benchmark

On reselling and swapping sites, the 7 is going for around £70 – £85, with the larger 7 Plus going for a little more. The prices can vary, as they do depend on the storage capacity of the phone, as well as the condition, and the mobile phone provider. The 7 was announced back in 2016 with a pretty high retail price. Since then, Apple dropped the iPhone 7 price by a hundred pounds or so, to make way for the iPhone 8 that was released in 2018. The 7 was discontinued by Apple last year in 2019, but as it isn’t a phone that is very old, there are people looking to buy them still, as well as people looking to sell their old ones.

iPhone 8

Source: BC Group

If you want to sell a more recent 8, perhaps you just got out of contract with it, then you’re likely to make a little more on reselling sites. 8s are selling for more, looking like the £100 mark on average. In 2017, Apple made the decision to drop the S range of iPhones and move to the 8 as well as the 8 Plus, with some pretty high price tags for either. The 8 is still for sale, retailing in the region of £400 – £500, and more for an 8 Plus. So if you’re looking to upgrade, then now can be a good time to make a little money off your 8.

iPhone X

Source: Pocket-lint

If you have an X to sell, then you’re in luck as they have held their value pretty well, and you could get around £200 for them. The ‘10’ which came out as the X was announced alongside the  8, but wasn’t available to get until quite a while after. Pricing to buy it outright from new was high, up in the £800 region, making it the most expensive to date. But as it is no longer available to buy from Apple, it makes the resale of this phone still quite high. You’re in luck if you have one sitting in a drawer at home.

As shown here, you can definitely make some money for your old iPhone, no matter how old, the kind of phone, or the model or storage capacity. What you make will depend on the condition, but it certainly is possible. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your phone so that you can get something newer, or you just have an old phone at home that you’d like to sell to get some extra cash, then it can be worth looking into, for sure. How much do you think you’d be able to make?