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Buffie The Body Interview

This Southern beauty who made her name from her booty talks career, life and why she would do a se* scene with Ne-Yo..She also gives advice on how to perfect the “Booty Clap”.The interview inside

Buffie The Body
Maximum Assets
By: Kevin “Wise” Marable

Streetz Magazine (S): Could you give us a run down of the music videos you’ve featured in especially the most recent?
Buffie (B):The most recent would be the Can’t Stop The Reign Remix with Kay Slay featuring Shaq, Papoose, and Bun B. I’ve also been in Juelz Santana’s “Oh Yes” video and Tony Yayo’s “So Seductive” video. That’s It.

S: Ever since you graced the screen in Tony Yayos “So Seductive” video, everything has taken off for you from magazines to calendars and now your own full length DVD. Could you tell us a little bit about that?
B: It’s basically me hosting parties in different cities and features a few celebrities like Jim Jones, Jadakiss, Kay Slay, Allen Iverson, and Chopper. There’s a Black Men’s magazine photoshoot on the DVD also.

S: You have stated before that you are looking to break into the acting business. Has the opportunity presented itself?
B: Um, I had a minor role in the movie ATL. I’ve been reading some scripts but nothing that’s on the big screen yet.

S: We have our own ideas of what kind of roles that we’d like to see you in. What would be the perfect role for Buffie?
B: A crazy girlfriend [Laughs].

S: Would you ever consider doing a se* scene in a movie?
B: You know what, I’m not going to say no. It would have to be a big feature film with a lot of big name stars in it. It would have to be something that’s paying well. That’s the only way. If it is like an independent or a low budget film then no.

S: If you had only one choice of who you’d liked to be in the se* scene with, who would it be?
B: [Laughs] Neyo.

S: [Laughs] Why Neyo?
B: Cause he’s a se* addict…[Laughs]

S: In the midst of everything that you have going on, what do you do in your off time? B: In my off time I ride motorcycles. I like to date. I just bought a house so I like to work out in the yard.

S: What would you say is the craziest pick up line or compliment you’ve ever gotten from a guy?
B: Gosh, there’s so many. There’s not really one that stick out. A lot o people ask me that in interviews but nothing sticks out right now.

S: I’ve seen video footage of you demonstrating the thunder clap and I was impressed. How did you get it to be so loud?
B: I don’t know. I’ve been doing it so long but when I first started it wasn’t as loud but over the years it got loud. [Laughs]…so practice. I used to practice because when I first started doing that it wasn’t nearly as loud.

S: Your backside is the perfect shape and circu*ference, what do you do to keep it in shape?
B: Well I don’t diet or exercise. It’s just genetics.

S: What would a guy have to do to get close to Buffie?
B: Don’t say anything about my bu**. [Laughs] Do not make a statement, don’t say anything about my bu**. Because I hate when guys do that. I’m like if a guy walks up to me he can be nice looking and everything can be going good for him; if he say anything about my ass, then that sorta kills it. I know it’s there, he knows it’s there. Why do you have to mention it, you know?

S: What kind of men are you attracted to?
B: I’m attracted to older guys. Guys who have there own thing going on. Not like guys who just sit around and don’t have a life. They gotta have something going on. They gotta have a sense of humor too because I can be really silly at times. He has to like hanging out. Not really strip clubs or regular clubs. I’m not really a club person. I like going to the beach or going to the park or the mall. Just hanging out. I don’t like a guy who really drinks or smokes.

SM: Do you get a lot of other models or women in general envious of your attributes?
Buffie: As in a female just coming up to me on some crazy Sh*t? Nah, that don’t happen. Most of the emails I get are from females. Then you know there’s always gonna be the haters. The motivators. You know they gotta say their little Sh*t [Laughs].

S: Do you still have the same people around you that you were cool with before the fame?
B: Yep. You always gotta keep them. Like the people who are genuine, the people who’ve been around me from the beginning, those are the same people around me. I’ve met a couple of other friends in the industry that I work with.

S: How has it been trying to handle this new found fame that you have?
B: Um, it hasn’t been hard. It gets aggravating sometimes when you want to go places. Like I can’t even go to Wal-Mart no more. I have to go to the White folks area to shop [laughs] where nobody knows me really.

SM: Do you see yourself as a role model? B: No. I never looked at myself as a role model. I know a lot of females who email me look at me as a role model but I don’t look at myself as one.

S: Do you feel some people misunderstand you?
B: With me being an ex exotic dancer, I think that they get it twisted a little bit. They think I might be promiscuous and all of that but I never really slept around in the industry or with anyone.

S: What kind of advice would you give a young model trying to come up in the business?
B: Stay focused, definitely. Have a role in what’s going on with you. That manager stuff…you know, having a manger to me is just so overrated sometimes because a lot of this stuff you can do yourself. So make sure you have a hand in your stuff and don’t just give it to someone else and say, “Can you do this for me?” If I would have done that in the beginning, I don’t think I’d be as far as I am now. I feel like I’m a hustler, a motivator so I get out and I make things happen.

S: What’s next for Buffie?
B: I’m working on a show out of Atlanta called Hotel Atlanta that will be filmed here in Atlanta. Kind of like a Hip-Hop talk show and I’ll be one of the co-hosts.

S: Are you going to continue to do the modeling thing or are you going break away from that?
B: I’m trying to have my hands in 10 to 15 different things. I want income coming in from everywhere. When one thing slows then you got something else popping off, and when that slows down you got something else popping off. So, I’m trying to do it all. – Wise VIA:Crushmodels

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