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Bitty Schram Net Worth 2024, Career Path, Marriage

Did you forgot about the Sharona Fleming from our favorite TV show ”Monk”? This role made Bitty Schram famous and set her among the other celebrities in the 2000s. This Golden Globe-nominated actress is now retired, but we remember her from several TV shows and movies. If you want to find out more about Bitty, her career, life, and where is she now; this is where you’ll find every answer.

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Where is Bitty Schram today?

Her retirement process started back in 2004 when she left “Monk” because of the creative differences that she had with the producers of the show. Since that time she hasn’t had much success. With the role of Officer Lori in the movie “Moments of Clarity,” she tried to get back to acting, but that didn’t make any effect. So, where is Bitty now? She is living a peaceful life away from the acting world. However, she appeared in public at Cleveland Ballpark in June last year, in promotion at the Akron baseball stadium with the theme “A League of Their Own.”

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Early life

Bitty’s real name is Elizabeth Natalie Schram. She was born on the 17th July 1968, in Mountainside, New Jersey USA. Because of divorced parents, she had to move from city to city very often. After graduation at the University of Maryland and getting a degree in advertising design, she decided to make her dream come true and become an actress.

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Carrer: First movies, rise to prominence and decline

Her first acting steps Bitty had made in the movie “Fathers & Sons” in 1992 in the minor role of Terry. The same year she was acting alongside with Tom Hanks, Geena Davis and Lori Petty in comedy-drama movie “My Family Treasure.” From 1993 to 1998 she took part in a Broadway play “Laughter on the 23rd Floor”, Academy Award-nominated comedy-drama movie “One fine day” and drama movie “Cleopatra’s Second Husband.”

Bitty’s career was escalating and reached its peak in the TV show “Monk.” Bitty was selected for the role of Sharona Fleming, the personal assistant to the chief character detective Adrian Monk. She remained in the show till the third season, and then returned in the last season as a guest star.

After she left “Monk,” her popularity went down as well as her acting career. She didn’t have much success, and she appeared only in minor roles in TV series such as “Thief” and “Ghost Whisperer.” However, she remained active in the entertainment world, but in 2016 she withdrew entirely from showbiz.

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Bitty Schram Net Worth 2024

Considering the fact that Bitty had only two significant engagements in her life, “Monk” and “A League of Their Own,” she has earned pretty much money. According to authoritative sources, Bitty disposes of with the amount of 2.5 million dollars. Pretty good for this retired actress, don’t you agree?

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Personal life and Marriage

Bitty kept her private life away from the paparazzi and the eyes of fans. Journalists couldn’t come up with any detail from her love life or if she has children or not. She was doing the job she liked and remained a mystery to all who wanted to know something more about the real Bitty Schram.