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Barry Seal Wife, Net Worth, Cause of Death

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Barry Seal was a known name between the drug peddlers and crime cartels in the ’80s. Before he got involved in the criminal, he used to be an American aviator. When he was 16 years old, Seal gained his pilot certificate. In 1986, he got killed, but his name was not forgotten. After death, his story was famous, and a lot of people were talking and writing about it. Besides, his destiny was described in three movies, which gained a lot of popularity.

Keep reading our article, and you will learn the exciting story about Barry’s life.

Barry Seal Bio

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Adler Berriman Seal was married on July 16, 1939, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. While he was a teenager, he showed up a lot of talent for flying. His flight instructor was impressed with his ability, so at the age of 16 and 17, he got the pilot certificate.

At the Louisiana Army National Guard, she served for six years. He finished the United States Army Airborne School, but after that, he couldn’t complete the United States Army Special Forces training and selection. Later on, the pilot was a radio telephone operator in the 245th Engineer Battalion.

In 1964, he worked for Trans World Airlines, where he was a flight engineer. Soon after, he became the first officer and later on also a captain. In TWA, Seal was one of the youngest 707 pilots. During the time with TWA, he tried to transport plastic explosives to Mexico. However, he was caught and, afterward, got fired.

In 1976, the pilot started his drug smuggling career. After two years, he was included in a lot of trades, including the Medellin Cartel for whom he transported massive amounts of cocaine. Two years later, he got arrested while he was coming back from Ecuador and god seven months of prison as the police found the only M-1 rifle.

The aviator included more people in the drug business, and he became the master of the operations.

In 1984, Barry got arrested and convicted for ten years of jail. However, he made a deal with DEA and gave them inside information. His collaboration with DEA and CIA was announced in Washington Post.

Cause of Death

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When he was 46 old, Seal was killed by a man hired by Pablo Escobar cartel. The drug lords murdered him because he worked with the police.

The producers made three movies about his story. The films are Doublecrossed, Infiltrator, and American Made.

Who is the wife of Barry Seal?

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Seal got married three times. His first wife was Lynn Ross, and the second one was Barbara Dodson. His last marriage was with Deborah DuBois, who was with him until death.

With Deborah, he had three kids, and with Lynn, he had two kids. When Barry was arrested, the government left his family with no money.

Net Worth

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At the moment of his death, Barry Seal had an estimated net worth of $60 million. During the time he smuggled drugs, Seal was paid $1.3 million per one flight.