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Bali Wedding Packages in 2024

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Everyone wants to have a wedding that they will remember for the rest of their lives. And what’s better than a small, intimate Bali destination wedding in nowhere other than the exquisite Bali itself? Here are the three most amazing destination wedding ceremonies that will take your breath away.

1. Pre-wedding Bali

Pre-wedding events seem to be the “starter” events that hype up the main event and leave the people awestruck. It is the ultimate way for the bride and groom to blow off some steam for their big day, and have a good time with their loved ones. Bali is filled with breathtaking views of beaches, cliffs, waterfalls, chapels, and temples. Each place that you will select for your pre-wedding will leave you reliving those moments again and again. It is only fair for the couple to take advantage of being in one of the most amazing places in the world, and do their ultimate best in making their pre-wedding an event to remember.

2. Tropical Jungle Wedding

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When we hear the word “jungle wedding,” images of animals in thick, bushy forests come into our minds. It becomes hard to imagine how someplace like this would ever become fit to get married in. But when it comes to surprises, Bali is the one to take the throne. Who knew a thick forest could be turned into one of the most romantic and breathtaking places to tie the knot with your loved one? The lush greenery, the beautiful chapel made with leaves, weeds, and flowers, and the wooden chairs for guests make an unexpectedly dreamy place to get married. The forest does its best to give off an earthy, and warm vibe like Mother Nature herself blessing your big day. What could possibly be better than that?

3. Hidden Beach Wedding

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Growing up, most people had the dream to get married at beaches. After all, the soothing atmosphere, cold wind, and the pleasant sound of waves crashing into one another makes one sink into the scintillating feeling of flow. Nothing beats serenity more than the feeling of cool breeze hitting your face and body. Getting married in such a setup is bound to calm your racing nerves and improve your mood even better. Beaches are considered a really romantic spot to have weddings in. And when the beaches are in Bali, it’s a thousand times better. It makes your event private, intimate, and exquisite.

All In All

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All these services are available in amazing packages at The Seven Agency, which is located in Bali. With it being officially registered, one can easily trust their services to make their special day even more meaningful. One can have a wide range of options to choose from for their wedding location in different packages, because at the end of the day, where you get married is something that stays with you for the rest of your life. Lastly, having everything gone smoothly is the most significant stress the couple takes, and agencies seem to not only acknowledge it but also handle it flawlessly.

The most perfect and flawless wedding in Bali is located on the island, which has an extraordinary location. It has a gorgeous landscape and breathtaking views of Bali, which makes it not only extremely exotic. This island is home to an array of magnificent luxury villas that have a unique location, and the prices are reasonable too, compared to the western world.

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Through the help of Seven Agencies, you can be able to design the most mesmerizing, beautiful, and an exclusive private villa wedding in Bali. It depends on you to pick if you want to pick the most amazing and luxurious villas for the wedding or choose a different plan. The most experienced and passionate team is aware of all the places in Bali and will be able to help you choose the best out of all to make your special day even more special. The agencies are exceptionally experienced and have planned over 2000 weddings, knows all the tips, tricks as well as the limitations of the places that can be utilized. The package for a dream wedding can be easily tailored for you, and the bride and groom can have customized everything to their own liking till the very last and minute detail. You’ll be able to plan everything till the end and make the villa wedding on the Island of Gods, which can help the event be unforgettable.

Included in the package price

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  • Wedding venue

You can choose the place yourself according to your preferences

  • Service pre-wedding

You’ll be provided with some personalized consultations by your wedding planners, and followed by a pre-wedding meeting presentation. A bridal preparation room will be equipped.

  • Additional inclusions

The event is planned to be perfected. A photographer will be provided with an assistant for 3 hours. Professional makeup artists and a team of highly experienced organizers will be arranged. A return transfer will also be within the wedding plan contract. An English speaking celebrant will be present. Moreover, there will be a personal wedding butler and a special welcome drink which will be provided. Decorated fruit baskets will be set, including the provision of customized background music. The cake’s top will be decorated with flowers too, as well as delicate leaves. A bottle of white wine will be provided in the package.

Decorations by the agency

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The decorations will include the round or the dream catcher or the Garland arch. There will be an altar table, a bridal bouquet as well as boutonniere. A petal path will be set made of white flower petals. For the rings, a pillow will be provided, as well as a flower shower. The glasses will be decorated. A welcome board will be set for a grand and beautiful entrance, and there will be props provided for the photo session.

The following three places are great for this kind of a package and come highly recommended.


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This resides along the sea in the heart of the Seminyak area and is just about 50 meters from the BatuBelig beach. The villa Eden comprises of about 7 x bedrooms.

Villa Waringin

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The Villa Waringin is a beachfront villa in the Canggu and included in one of the standalone luxury villas that tends to make up the Pantai Lima Estate

Villa Tantangan

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This is located in the Tabanan area, which is set 15, meters above the sea level, and it faces the south offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Indian Ocean and the stunning sunset in the evening, which comes with it.