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Top 6 Female Poker Player

Source: PokerTube, Atmostfear Entertainment, CardsChat

Poker used to be entirely men’s game, but that is no longer the case. Women have proven that they can play poker as good as the man or even better. Barbara Enright is a woman that has shown the world that she is very much capable of playing at the final table at Main Events of World Series of Poker. She reached fifth place and encouraged other women to play poker and showed just how skillful they can be.

1. Vanessa Rousso

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Vanessa is one of the female poker players that deserve to be on the list of top poker players. She is also known by her nickname “Lady Maverick”. She appeared many times on the game show “Poker After Dark”. One of the astonishing moments was when she beat Tony G in the hand, but there were many more. Her net worth is six million dollars which says enough about her poker skills.

She is one of the members of TeamPokerStars and a spokesperson for website GoDaddy.com. She is a professional poker player for the last 15 years and she came second in the World Championship of Online Poker 13 years ago when she won a pretty amazing prize – $700,000! Besides poker, she was also featured in a sports illustrated magazine, swimsuit edition. Her poker skills are known worldwide and she definitely deserves the place on our list.

2. Liv Boeree

Source: Atmostfear Entertainment

Liv is an amazing poker player who has proven her skills numerous times when she won the European Poker Tour a decade ago, and then the World Series of Poker seven years later. She is also very active as a television presenter and has hosted many events. In addition, she is a writer and a speaker who participated in TED talks. Her net worth is four million dollars mostly gained through winnings on poker tournaments. She’s not only engaged in gaining money, but also giving something back, she co-founded the organization called Raising for Effective Giving. Being gorgeous as much as she is skillful, she also works as a model for Maxim and Loaded magazines.

3. Annie Duke

Source: PokerTube

Annie is known as “The Duchess of Poker” and she started polishing her skills ever since she was 22 years old when she won an incredible $70,000. However, she didn’t stop there because now she’s the proud owner of eight million dollars! She majored in psychology and English at Columbia University but quit a month before her doctoral dissertation. She’s a mom of four and after getting a divorce from her ex-husband, her brother gave her lessons about poker and books to train her.

After that, her winning streak began. She came 10th out of more than 500 players in total in 2000 WSOP World Championship Duke. Also, she won the WSOP Tournament of Champions putting two million dollars in her pocket. After showing that she is a very skilled poker player, she also decided to contribute to the society by establishing her charity called Refugees International. She raised more than $700,000 for refugees and we applaud her for that!

4. Kathy Liebert

Source: World Poker Tour

Kathy is one of the most successful females to poker players. Her net worth is incredible $33,000,000! She’s a poker superstar and she won numerous tournaments. She was nineteenth of the top 50 poker players three years ago and is a WSOP veteran for more than 20 years. There are no juicy details about Kathy because she is not under the spotlight often, accept when she dominates the poker tables whenever she shows up.

5. Vanessa Selbst

Source: CardsChat

Vanessa is one of the most popular and most skillful poker players in the world. She is known for winning three bracelets in WSOP open events, which is pretty impressive and was never done before. Her net worth is more than $11,000,000 won mostly in tournaments. She started her poker career as an online player and became recognizable to poker fans in the United States 14 years ago. When we see how skillful she is, it is no wonder that her education is equally impressive – she has a graduated political science at Yale University.

She started playing well she was still in college and she used to work as a management consultant but quit when she saw that she can make a living from playing poker. Ever since she started playing she has participated in 85 poker tournaments. Three years ago, she announced that she is retiring, but two weeks after announced participating in a tournament which provoked many reactions from fans who felt that her retirement was not sincere. All in all, her skills are definitely worth mentioning as she made a huge splash in the poker world.

6. Annette Obrestad

Source: Upswing Poker

Anette is from Norway and her net worth is astonishing $122,000,000! She won the bracelet in World Series of Poker making her the youngest in history to win it. Her poker career started when she was only 15. The interesting thing about her is that she is very good at reading people. She even said that she looks at herhand very rarely, she rather plays against people, not cards. Her style is described as fearless and aggressive. Besides being a very skilled poker player, she also has a YouTube channel where she posts tutorials about makeup, especially eye shadows.

If you would like to join these incredible ladies, polish your skills by playing online pokerkuda.net These ladies have shown that they can play side by side with any male poker player and be as successful as them or even better than them. We’re glad that women are making the room for other female poker players who wish to establish their names among the best poker players in the world.

Their names will be forever written in the history of the most successful poker players of all time. However, amidst the glamorous allure of high-stakes poker and legitimate gambling establishments, a darker underbelly exists in the form of unlicensed casinos.

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The absence of regulatory frameworks in unlicensed casinos undermines the integrity of the gambling industry, casting a shadow on the genuine achievements of those who have honed their skills in reputable establishments. As the world of poker continues to captivate enthusiasts, the battle against illicit gambling establishments becomes an essential facet of preserving the true spirit and fairness of the game.