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Ashton Kutcher Net Worth 2024

Ashton Kutcher needs no introduction to the movie geeks. He is an American actor/model, producer, and investor. He is best known for his roles in No Strings Attached, Juts Married, Dude, Where’s My Car?, and What Happens in Vegas. His TV shows include Punk’d and his role in Two and a Half Men. He was reportedly one of the highest-paid actors on the TV with around $800k per episode for “Two and a Half Men” (2011-2015).

He gained media attention for his relationship and then marriage with actress Demi Moore. Now he is happily married to beautiful Mila Kunis since 2015 and the couple has two 2 children. Kutcher has co-founded a venture capital firm A-Grade Investment.

Apart from this, he has invested in more than 60 companies and several startups. He has his own production house named Katalyst Films which has produced Punk’d, Beauty and the Geek, and Adventures in Hollywood. He practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu, likes to spend time with his family and in his free time he plays a variety of casino games, sometimes in a land-based casino and sometimes on online sites such as this website, an interest he developed after his roles in movies based on casino.

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Early Life

The actor was born as Christopher Ashton Kutcher on October 7, 1978, in Iowa, the U.S. His mother and fathers are of German, Irish, and Czech descent. His father was a factory worker while her mother was an employee at P&G. He was raised in a conservative Catholic family. He has two siblings, an elder sister named Tausha and a twin brother Michael Kutcher. His twin had a heart transplant in childhood and he has cerebral palsy. These conditions made Ashton’s home life very stressful.

He went to Clear Creek Amana High School, Homestead, Iowa but before that he studied at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids for the first year. It was his school days when developed interest in acting.

His parents separated and divorced when he was 16. He was depressed from such family matter and ended up for three years of probation and 180 hours of community service for third-degree burglary.

In 1996, he joined the University of Iowa for biochemical engineering. He met a model scout at a bar in the city and he participated in a modeling competition. After placing first in the “Fresh Faces of Iowa”, he dropped out of college to start his modeling career and then ended up in Los Angeles to try his luck in Hollywood.

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Kutcher did modeling commercials for some well-known brands and had a modeling contract with a modeling agency in New York. After getting a little success in modeling career he tried and auditioned for TV and movies. In 1998, he grabbed the role of Michael Kelso in a TV show called “That ‘70s Show” that run for 8 years.

During that time at the beginning of the new decade, he started his movie career. In 2000, he starred in the comedy movie “Dude, Where’s My Car?” and several other movies in the next few including, Guess Who, Just Married, and The Butterfly Effect.

In 2003, he started producing TV shows under his product house called Katalyst Films. He produced mainly reality shows including Punk’d, Beauty and the Geek, Adventures in Hollywood, and a game show Opportunity Knocks. In 2011, he was cast as Walden Schmidt in popular television series “Two and a Half Men”. With this show, he became one of the highest-paid TV actors from 2011 to 2015 with around $800K per episode.

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Ashton Kutcher Net Worth 2024

Apart from an acting career, he made many smart investments. He has invested in several startups and more than 60 other companies that include Skype, Airbnb, Lemonade, and Foursquare.So, According to Celebrity Net Worth, the net worth of Ashton Kutcher is estimated at 200$ million for 2024.