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Armin van Buuren Net Worth 2024

“It’s not just love for music; it’s my passion. It goes beyond liking, and beyond a hobby. It’s about a way of living. Music is essential to my life.”

Armin van Buuren is a famous DJ, and he was the one who started all the trance craziness. If you are interested to see what his life has been, and what it is now, as well as his net worth in this 2024 year, check out this article and see what information we have found.


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Armin van Buuren was born on December 25, 1976, in Leiden, Netherlands. When he was very young, he started doing paper routes, and with the money, he earned, he saved to buy records. When his mother won a computer when Armin was just ar10 years old, he started showing a big interest in what is it all about. His parents were in love with the music too, and the DJ reflected, “So as a little nerdy kid, I was writing my own basic programs and learned about the technology from there. I was so stunned by what I saw him (his uncle) doing on the computer that I got addicted to creating music right there and then! I loved dance music immediately – this great rebellious sound that was so different from the ‘beautiful’ songs of the years before.”

The music and technology were his hobbies, and he entered a law school in order to get a proper job, as he didn’t know that his passionate love for music will lead him to be where he is now. However, his musical career intervened with his education, and he took a little longer to graduate, but he eventually succeeded in getting the Master’s degree in Law. Armin commented, “I see it as my responsibility to promote trance as a genre, and I want to support it in every way I can. Music should connect us. As long as the music keeps evolving like it is, I will continue, and I don’t see any reason to slow down.”



During his time at the Leiden University, Armin van Buuren also worked s a DJ in a club called Nexus. In 1999, Dave Lewis came across this talented young man, and he made the UK public scene to recognize him. In that same year, van Buuren signed a contract with United recordings, and his debut single “Touch Me’’ was just the beginning of his wonderful career.

The song got to the top of the EDM charts in the US as well as in numerous countries all around Europe. He became an inspiration to many young aspiring musicians who were thinking about launching their own DJ careers. As for van Buuren, he cites his music idols to be Jean-Michael Jarre, an electronic pioneer and Ben Liebrand, a Dutch producer. Liebrand later became van Buuren’s mentor.

“A State of Trance” was a compilation album from 2000, and in 2003 he published his first album “76.” Regarding his “A State of Trance” tour, Armin shared, “I’m deeply honored by all the positive things that are happening for the show and for the sound in general. I’ve always said ASOT is not only a show for but also a show by the fans. The show wouldn’t be where it is without the fans, so it feels amazing to see so many people celebrating along. It’s crazy to see groups of fans going crazy to the same music that we’re playing on the other side of the world. People wearing banners, flags, and making their own private party. This is what I meant with ‘turning the world into a dance floor’.”

His second album called “76” was named due to the fact that it lasted for 76 minutes. Two years later he published his second album, and most of his song he wrote himself. In 2007 he got to the top of the DJ Mag list, and in 2018 he was awarded Buma Cultuur Pop Award. In the Netherlands, this award is considered as one of the most prestigious ones.

In 2008 his third album came out, and his most famous song “In and Out of Love” got 188 million views, and the number is still rising. The third album’s name is “Imagine,” and it got first place on Dutch Album Chart. “Mirage” “Intense,” and “Embrace” are his three most recent albums, and they helped him maintain fame and popularity.


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A State of Trance” was a radio show which Armin Van Buuren created, and now the show has around 41 million listeners from all around the world. “Armada Music” is also van Buuren’s successful projects, and it is record labels.

Armin van Buuren Net Worth 2024


You would have thought that a famous DJ of his caliber would lead quite a lavish lifestyle, but it is actually the opposite. Armin does have a countryside house in Oegstgeest, where he resides with his family, and some apartments in the city. Armin van Buuren’s estimated net worth in 2024 is $55 million.