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Alley Boy(Duct Tape Ent) Dissing T.I. “Nig*as Don’t Wanna Hear No Rich A$$ Nig*a Flexin” (Video)

(T.I. diss 6:00+)

Duct Tape Ent Alley Boy’s first interview since being free, addresses why he got locked up and he had some words for T.I. flexin out in Atlanta.

“This My City”, I’m sayin’ I’m the only one active as far as an artist who’s really in the street. My ni****s still active. The ni****s that been forefronted ain’t really been speakin’ up for the city they way they supposed to. They probably done got they money, they rich, and it’s easy for a rich ni**** to ignore certain situations – until they money start to decline and the fans ain’t f@ckin’ wit’ that fake sh1t they been puttin’ out. That’s when they talk about “real ni****s is back in it” and this and that. I ain’t never gon’ say “the real is back in it” or no sh1t like that, ‘cause I’m always real. I’ma always speak my opinion on what’s real and what’s not.

I stand for the city, and for all those who don’t rap but out here warring in the streets. It’s f@cked up, ain’t no bricks in the city. Dope still sellin’ but it ain’t no major sh1t goin’, all that flexin’ ni****s be talkin’ about. I always try to stay relevant on what the f@ck goin’ on ‘cause I’m still in it, my ni****s still in it, so I know what the f@ck goin’ on. ni****s be wondering why they can’t pop off, ‘cause ni****s don’t wanna hear that sh1t. ni****s don’t wanna hear a ni**** flexin’ that ain’t in the muthaf@ckin’ streets like that no more.

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