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Adam Ragusea Net Worth 2024

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We all know that the Internet gives us a chance to share our skills and interests with a broad audience around the world. While some people start posting their videos and photos intentionally to become famous, others do it just for fun, and later, the fame comes itself.

That is how Adam Ragusea from the United States became one of the favorite YouTube cooks. He is actually professor on Mercer University, and his Internet popularity started with the pizza.

So, how the journalism professor became the internet cook?


Since his job is to teach the students about introductory journalism that involves multimedia production, Adam was very confident in his skills on radio and print but felt less satisfied with his video skills. He wanted to transfer experience to his student fully and decided to work on video presenting.

He was thinking about the best way of doing it and came up with the idea of shooting the cooking videos. The first video was about making a pizza. Video has more than 4 million viewers.

He got compliments and continued posting recipes once a week. Now, he has around 300,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Adam has journalism-like style: straight to the point, direct, without redundant information. The public really appreciates this and leave tons of positive comments under his videos.

In addition to his recipes, Ragusea recently did a series of videos elaborating on questions fans asking about his techniques. These videos sometimes have the most interesting and unusual topics, such as is it OK to wear rings while cooking or why he uses white wine in so many of his recipes.

Adam Ragusea Net Worth 2024

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Adam Ragusea has gained more than 300,000 subscribers on YouTube so far. His videos have nearly 21 million total views, and each one has drawn hundreds of comments from fans.

The income of YouTube comes from different sources. This should generate an estimated revenue of $1,000 per day, relevant $365,000 a year from the ads that appear on the videos.

This leads as to the total amount of $500,000 of Adam’s net worth.

In which direction Adam’s career will go in the future?

Ragusea is a YouTuber since 2010, and he is planning to make YouTube his full-time job. His next academic year at Mercer will be his last as a full-time professor, though he might continue part-time or as an adjunct.

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In an interview answering on a question about his cooking career path, he said: “It doesn’t matter if this is what you planned to do with your life. It has chosen you.”