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50 Cent vs Sha Money XL Beef On Instagram

50 Cent & his old business manager Sha Money XL airs it out on Instagram

“Success can turn old friend into enemies,you soft you will always lose going against me Boy.”

Sha Money XL responds to 50 Cent:

FACTS… History repeats itself. So soon shall THE TRUTH BE REVEALED. I TOO SHALL CARRY THE CROSS! With pride… living by the LAWS, Motivation runs deep. The Golden Child will remain Silent. To My People “Peace BE STILL MY NIGGA’s. We GOOD! The Truth shall set us free! “NO MAN CONTROLS MY DESTINY”. Robin Hood My NIGGAH, I LOVE MY HOOD!! #Queens And would do it all over again. I only stand next to the truth, FACTS Was I soft when niggas tried to kill you and I was the only nigga willing to stand next to you, WEAR THEM VEST, Guns, and Wear YOUR PROBLEMS?? I took you into my house for 2 years when niggas had money on your head WAS I SOFT THEN? Took all them jail calls, calls you dodged from real killers and kept niggas off you. KEPT YOU SAFE NIGGA!! You writing books about Morals you don’t live by. I called you May 21st after, you all on the radio speaking about my pass personal life, what kind of real nigga shit is that? But I’m soft, NEVER NOT ONCE have I ever mentioned your name in any interview etc. in a negative direction, because you HOLD NO VALUE. We not doing business together, we done making money. Nigga admit it, you love my style I been changing lives for real niggas getting real niggas out of jail, turning street niggas into STARs. It’s what I do best, you know better then anybody. You was just the 1st. #MOTIVATION #CHAINSTILLONTHEBIKE #TEAMWORK