WSHH Candy – Solei (Video)

· September 13, 2010

Video Vixen / Model from Inglewood, California with measurements of D-24-40 and standing at 5’4! Has been featured in both top magazines & music videos Music by French Montana (Feat. Wiz Khalifa, Nipsey Hussle & Big Sean) – Im On It. Shouts out to WSHH they fux with ANS..

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  1. moorfedayeen says:

    This woman was made in a factory. Just everything a cat could want & a lil more, far as the body goes. Watch the lames get on her face when in truth it aint bad…sometimes it looks better but she #1 to me. Sometimes #2. Peace!

    • JoeBlack2k8 says:

      I agree. The lames count her out because of her face. She is definitely up there… a certified dimepiece on the 1’s and 2’s. When she first came out errbody was diggin’ her; a lot of contenders have come up over the past few years, and she still got it. Props and shoutout to Solei!!

  2. mobreeze says:

    well damn!!!!….made my day

  3. trap101 says:

    daaammmmnnn!! dick’s tingling right now!!! but shit i thought homegirl was better than going the WSHH route…..ur career has officially stalled when u gotta do that.

  4. BlackLonDoNer says:

    Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World.

    Solei still holds the the belt & crown..

  5. Cutta says:

    Illest body in the game. Point blank period.

  6. stackmoney says:

    shorty face aint that bad her body make up for whatever

  7. tim says:

    I would wife her than Knife the first person who say anything
    about it. This broad got a nice pretty skin. No photoshop there.
    It’s a shame most them broads will never get married. Even the dudes
    who have the money don’t take one of them as a choice to even to be
    seen with at events. It’s always some Spanish speaking or white broad. If I got a few million under my belt I would look her up. Love a fine wine chocolate broad. Plus, she has actual done real rap videos before. Most them broads called video models and never did a video before, not unless you count what they film in the stripclub. Perfect 10!!! I love blackwomen is my reason and she is Dimepesdetal better than a piece.

  8. MisterMidas says:

    Mmmmmaann, I’d chop off my left nut to fuck this girl! Said it 100 times before, but this chick’s body is beyond perfection. From skintone, to shape, to EVERYTHING! She would never leave the bedroom if she was my chick, real talk.

  9. KMG says:

    Her body is the best..even better than Lastarya.

  10. 4REAL says:


  11. Cold and hot says:

    Damn her and Lastarya must have been made in a factory somewhere because bodies like these come a dime a dozen I swear, she needs to clone her body to other women lol.

    • MisterMidas says:

      Think you mean they DONT come a dime a dozen brah. Cause if they did, you’d see em everywhere….and I damn sure dont see bodies like THAT everywhere.

  12. gogetta says:

    n1ggas alway want to hate on her fine ass this chick nice f*ck a hater

  13. piedpiper says:

    damn she a bad chocolate chick

  14. jazzykat says:

    i think i love her damn

  15. suckafree says:

    thats my baby right there that body is out this world bad

  16. manup says:

    shawty dont got the best looking face but the body on point

  17. BIG JIM says:

    Ever time I see his chick it gets better. I wouls luv to catch her naked.

  18. t-tyme says:

    simply incredible!!!

  19. marky mark says:

    body is banging

  20. BigSheed says:


  21. bEE says:


  22. tim says:

    No this not Nautica. Nautica is pretty too, but Solie is prettier an
    does not do porn I hope. Solie email me Timsomor gmail.

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