You Won’t Believe What Was In Her McDonald’s Mayo ‘The Texture Was Familiar’.

A Michigan woman was in disgust last week when she ate at a local McDonald’s. Lisa McDowell, 31, was having lunch with her friends when she decided to order a McChicken sandwich. She was halfway through with her sandwich when she noticed an extra clump of mayonnaise on the side of the bun. She licked it off, tasted it and immediately realized things were not right. “I’m not gonna lie,” McDowell said. “On Birthdays and holidays I give my man a little something extra in the bedroom, you know? So when I licked the mayo off of the bun, the texture was familiar.”*

McDowell immediately called over the manager who denied the allegations, so she contacted the local health department. They sent the “mayo” remains off for testing and the results were positive for 2 different types of semen. To make matters worse, in the following days, *McDowell woke with a giant red rash on the corner of her mouth. The rash spread and *developed into severe blisters. The doctor was able to verify that she had contracted the herpes virus, which she claims was a result of her tainted McChicken.

The manager confirmed that two employees were fired as a result of her allegations and the positive semen test results. The manager of the McDonald’s also added, “We can’t always keep an eye on our employee’s conduct. We can only hope, during the interview process, that we are able to hire employees that meet our companies standards.”

  • Kathryn Ellis

    She probably got the herpes from someone else and made up this dumb excuse as to why.

    • Me

      The article said 2 McDonalds employees semen were found to match the mayo in the sandwich!!!

      • You

        Do you have a learning disability? It said no such thing, it says that there were “two different kinds of semen” ( which raises more questions since it actually means that there was semen from more than one species, ie , human and dog ) but makes no mention at all of the semen being mached to any particular person.

        • NwvaMO

          Do you have a reading disability?

          “They sent the “mayo” remains off for testing and the results were positive for 2 different types of semen.”

          “The manager confirmed that two employees were fired as a result of her allegations and the positive semen test results.”

      • lu

        that is crazy

    • Ria

      what if it was your daughter, mother, father, or friend? would you say the same thing? Better yet, what if it was you!

      Before you judge her, try looking at your own life, we all fall short of God’s glory… be careful of your words, they have power, and they will come back on you! it’s called life sweetie!

      • Sara

        Uhum. Try looking for the facts. There are about TEN SITES that say the same thing so far. I don’t see any concrete shit here.

  • Tony

    In this day and age, that’s the way I feel about most accusations of gross misconduct in the food service industry (especially at fast food establishments). However, if this report is accurate, it seems that there’s no question as to the veracity of the woman’s claims.

    The presentation of the facts suggest that she didn’t leave the restaurant before contacting the health department – if it wasn’t a valid claim, I don’t think anyone would be so bold. There were two different samples found, and I’d feel safe in assuming that if you have not just one but TWO disgusting miscreants working in a single restaurant (both of whom committed an absolutely atrocious violation of health code and privacy), that at least one of them has an STD or three. Hell, even if they didn’t give her herpes, it doesn’t make their case any better. Getting herpes as a result of an incident like this certainly makes it worse for the victim, but getting a clean bill of health from the clinic doesn’t give you any valid reason to feel that tampering with someone’s food in ANY way is acceptable.

    • If this story is true, which I believe because of the facts that were founded by the Health Department, those individuals need to be locked up, because she will have herpes for the rest of her life. This is just an evil act done by evil individuals. My prayers to you Ms. McDowell for a full recovery.

    • Ria

      AMEN Tony!

  • Jack

    My buddy works at McDonald’s and has a ton of videos on his phone of s%^&% like this. It’s funny. Same reason I don’t eat fast food.

    • Ria

      Sure…it’s funny until it happens to you or your family members or friends. How funny would it be then? Your friend not reporting what he sees or saw, makes himself as guilty as the ones committing the crime and it is a crime! Please know that God holds him accountable as well!

  • kie

    Law f**** suit …if this shit were to ever happen to me …i work in food an aspire to be a chef some day so the conduct of those two men is beyond disqusting and how the manager handled the allegation was very wrong …if this were to ever happen in my restaurant best believe i will take legal action on the men myself!

    • Nikki

      DAMN Right. That Is Disgusting To The 10th Power. How DARE Some One Do The Nastiest Thing Aside From Spitting On Some One. That’s Like Knowing You Have Aids && Pass It To Someone Without Their Knowledge. &*&* IDIOTS. I Work In Food & I DARE One Oc My Employees To Even Think About Some $%$ Like That

    • Ria

      You are so right, I think Corporate should seriously re-evaluate the manager at that location; and the two men who were fired, should be put away for as long as that young lady carries their disease!

  • reality

    You guys are f*cking stupid if you believe this. It’s the internet you morons, look at how it’s been written and the website it’s on!

    • Ria

      So …I guess you feel that the news reports about missing children, rape, death ect…are all stories too right! If something was to happen to you or one of your family members or friends, and they wanted the world to know about it, what better place to post it other than FB? They are the world!

  • kerry

    Bull lol

  • Ria

    This is not a prank, this is another act from some devilish boys who follow the saying (Misery loves company) just because they were to stupid to protect themselves, they want to give their disease to some innocent person not caring who it is. These are the last days and the devil is mad! It’s time for us to pray; pray for that young lady, pray for our children who eat at these fast food places and for each other to build the village that helps support what’s right in this world. If you work in a fast food eatery and you see these thinks happening, speak up and report it! because the next time it could be your child, wife, husband, mother, father or friend! Don’t worry about losing your job, because God will take care of those who do the right thing. be a man or a woman and stand for what’s right, safety and justice, and truth! If you don’t stand for something,,, you will fall for anything! So I say to you all STAND! AND BE HEARD! It only takes one to make a difference, imagine what we all can do as a village!

  • Janice Cannon

    There is a lawsuit in this against the restaurant and the employees. They would be charged with crimes that would make them register as sex offenders because if this had been a child, the results would have been worse. This was a violation to the person and to her livelihood. There is no way I would try to make excuses for this type of behavior. 20 years in prison would help them see that this is unacceptable and $50,000,000 would help McDonald’s see the same….

  • nigel wi

    lisa mcdowell? didnt anyone watch coming to america?

    • Lindsay

      Thank you!!

  • Evelyn

    I find this kind of hard to believe the color of semen is very much different from the color of mayo and also you cannot get infected with the virus thru semen .. come on do your research people

  • emily

    Herpes isnt contracted through fluids. Only skin to skin contact. It isnt like HIV/AIDS. Educate yourselves before assuming what you read on the internet is true.

  • amber

    Well it doesn’t matter . It’s white like mayo so they tried to mix it together . You see she didn’t notice until she tasted it . Sooooo . Yea it was the semen tht gave her herpes and it was the DOCTORS that confirmed it . Thank you

    • El

      You CAN’T contract herpes from semen. Skin only. Stop assuming everything you read on the internet is true. I have a biomedical science degree and I completely assure you that the herpes virus cannot be transmitted via bodily fluids.

  • Ahuophfe Why

    I think you get some of these problems from broken body parts like when there is a sore or something. The big question is
    “DID SHE REALLY GET IT FROM MCDONALDS?” cos yes McChickens might have been contained infected semen but what is the assurance that it was that semen that gave her the herpes?
    What shows that it wasn’t her guys semen that gave her the herpes?
    What is the window period for oral herpes simplex virus infection?
    She went out with her friends to have lunch but there is no mention of her friends reaction to this story.. At the very possible least, she would have shown it to her friends to confirm the claims before she notified the manager and as such their reactions would have be very significant….

  • joseph c sm

    it’s unlikely she got that bad a ‘rash’ from anything related to the food.. that’s a large rash and had to have a larger origin than a minor amount of semen on a sandwich.. just my opinion.. also, I highly doubt employees would put anything on a random sandwich like that.. it just sounds suspect.. not real.. but if it’s true.. then definitely that’s bad.
    but i doubt the veracity of this event.

  • Briony

    You cannot catch herpes through seman, only skin to skin contact where they are present.

  • REAL

    For those of you thats telling everyone to go do some research, you need to do so yourselves, herpes can be transmitted through bodily fluids, such as saliva, open sores and semen. It really doesnt matter if this story is true or not, it just goes to show that there are some sick individuals in this world that will do something like that. Its foul and sickening to violate someone food like that.

  • Jatyra

    That sh#$ nasty

  • Skywarp


  • likeyoudontalreadyknow
  • nikkibad1224

    that #$%#%$ is nasty wtf

  • Marion Davis

    make me scared to eat there now

    • Dave Colbert

      That’s what makes you scared, not the fact that everything on the menu is poisonous garbage not fit for human consumption?

      • Adam

        Chill, Social Justice Warrior, it was just a comment on the current situation, not an opportunity to jump on your high horse.

  • DeVito’s Giant Shlong

    The texture was familiar., lmao

  • Beverly Durant


  • Justin Hayes Yates

    Who jerks off in the back of a mcdonalds kitchen with another dude.

  • it’s my opinion


  • Lisa

    Yeah, it was the hamburger, not the football team she blew a week ago

  • Donna Higgins Bilach

    Not doing a great job on background checks
    Are they??