Who Has The Best Booty Clap : Maliah,Buffie or Cubana Lust? (Video)

· July 21, 2011

Watch the video of Maliah,Buffie The Body and Cubana Lust causing a standing ovation using nothing but there booties. I seen and heard Buffie clapping in a strip while she was giving me a lap dance and she made the whole club stop and look around to see where that noise was coming from. Meeting all of these women in person and an**yzing them I would say Buffie has the hardest donk. Who do you think takes the #1 spot?

propz 850

New contestant

  • T-Fleezee

    Buffie killed it! Biggest ass & loudest clap! Teamchocolate wins!!!!!

    • http://atlnightspots.com B strait up

      yeah buffie won this one but that’s becuz she has way more weight in her ass! So when maliah & cubana clapped it was a normal clapping sound,but when buffie clapped it sounds like she was using shaqs hands LMAO!!! Yeah buffie won this clapping contest but maliah will destroy her in shakin that azz tho…..just ask lastarya lol. Yo@f.b.i. Thanx for this post homie,its about time teamchocolate gave us something good to look @!……….the beautyp corp! Yeah today is thursday on ans & I’m settin it off early lol. @hahz I know you got some good ish for the wolfpack today homie!

      • http://atlnightspots.com 850

        In “Uncle Luke’s” voice “I want me some pu$%”.

    • Word Life

      I am not decide between Buffie and Cubana on this one…….Maliah is still my #1 though. But T-Fleeze you have to check out my #2 Ms. Simone as clap at 59sec…..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqhQaXR-bSU

      • Sourmilk

        I’m going with Maliah hands down, I’ll die a happy man when sultry simone stop bullshit*in and get in that thong and make that thang clap.

      • T-Fleezee

        @ Word Life yeah man Simone had that standing ovation clap!!

      • crabapples

        oh snap Sultry got this.

        i swear i wouldnt holla at sultry first in a lineup of fine chicks, but overall i think she got the total package. cuteness, tons o’ azz, and just a nice sexiness that makes my nature rise. simone is real close to being my #1.

        • mr. leftfoot

          Agreed Buffie wins this one…I would. LOVE to see all three in person

          • http://atlnightspots.com 850

            Buffie got this one dawg!!!!!!! Lol.

          • T-Fleezee

            @ 850 today we winning!

          • presto

            buffie???…dont kno bout dat fellas…?…if you look closely at the thighs and legs during the clapathon…mizz maliah thighs,hips,and azz was shakin like a waterbed..it wasnt a outta control shake…its like it was effortless…that shyt looks soft as hell….and i’ll take soft over firm all day…jus me..#2..was @850’s gurl(damn homie you been goin hard lately…big ups fam)…same reasons…then buffie…and cubana….also @wordlife…man Sultry is “movin on up”..like she was a fu*kin jefferson or sumthin…she might have won this hands down!!!!…wit clothes on!!!

          • http://atlnightspots.com 850

            @ T-Fleezee yeah I know fam we finally got another victory in lol.

            @ Presto wassup home boi what’s going good with you? I see ur point but Maliah ass wasn’t sounding like Buffie’s lol. Buffie……..no further comments on this one lol.

        • http://atlnightspots.com B strait up

          @crabapples, close to ur #1??? That’s a big statement sir lol,sultry got you hooked lol

          • crabapples

            ha! yea she does! but recognize i said CLOSE… there are still a some chicks above her, like Maliah and Gypsy del Rosario to name a couple. I’d put portia up there but she needs to be more prolific with her photos.

          • http://atlnightspots.com B strait up

            @crabapples, I did put you up on gypsy didn’t I lol, you don’t know about that bad azz latina mami lol. Uhh if you don’t put portia first I’m flying to the westcoast to help you get it together plaaaaaya lol

          • crabapples

            haha!!! dude they dont got nothing like maliah, gypsy, portia or simone out here in Oakland. they dont even have a damn skrip club! there are a ton in SF but they are weak. filled with skinny azzes and fake tigoles. every now and then you see a sister with cakes and the white boys got their egos inflated. damn shame.

            i need to make a pilgrimage back to ATL or Houston just to throw my loose dollars at some thickums. how is it in the Chi?

          • crabapples

            yes you put me on gypsy and i am in lust with that tall sexy latina. good looking out on that!

          • slydog

            @crabs.. you mean to tell me with al the pimpin and mackin in oakland and san fran, you can’t find ONE spot where there is a nice collection of azz. What about L.A. or San Diego.

    • slydog

      the new contender is shapely, but flabby. period

      • moorfedayeen

        Yea sly she is but I choose her hands down. Imagine all that in some spandex or jeans. I’d loose it. And she went to the pool in that??? Man!


    Eitha or it don’t matter every answer is the rite answer here,TO EACH HIS OWN ON THIS 1


    I swear to god,buffie just gave me a heart attack,and i know my eyes gettin’ bad,but was that mutha fu@cka butt naked,lord have mercy,the originator is back,buffie,buffie,buffie.

    • http://atlnightspots.com 850

      @ BigToo lmao homie your a wild man lol. Buffie didn’t have on nothing to cover that azz up. I thought I was tripping to. But that MF is bad son. I like the chick in the video under buffie,maliah,cubana lust. Man that chick wasn’t even trying to shake her azz to the fullest. Hahz we need a homegrown and a name of that young lady there homie.

      • BIG TOO

        @850 Yeah 8,the chick below the video has what i like 2 call a playdough booty,cuz u can squeeze,and grip it 2 make any shape u want,And like slydog said,it’s really a flabby booty,but those type of booty’s be making tidal waves,So yeah,I would definitely knock that down,and leave all kinda hand prints on that azz…lol

  • http://www.myspace.com/gphi2007 gphi

    I got to give that to Buffie too, all three butts clapped up & down, but Buffie’s but also clapped from the sides(like it had wings or something). PEACE!!!

  • letsgo!!

    Door #1 please MALIAH

  • alwaysturnt

    Buffie #1

  • Will

    This is actually unfair because the film angle alone supports Buffie…they give us a front row view of to capture every motion of those cheeks…so Buffie it is! Rather see a proper butterfly azz skakeoff, though….

  • Chi Capitan

    Buffy on this one but Maliah is something serious as well. I would love to see her dance in person

  • laker1

    BUFFIE no doubt and that ass aint got nothin on which makes it even better!

  • http://atlnightspots.com Sohated313

    it don’t really matter. they all can get it the same

  • hfcty
  • bville bklyn 718

    I am like a referee with out a whistle, I can’t call it.



  • seanjohn100

    Is it just me or does buffie not have any underwear on in that video? Btw that last chick should be disqualified for having an ass that looks like melted jello

    • http://atlnightspots.com 850

      Naw Buffie didn’t have on nothing to cover that azz up.

      • jfizzle

        @850, yeah dog she was up there with raw booty, she wins

  • oogles

    Buffie’s has the best sound, but I like Cubana’s “rate of clap” too. It’s a tie for me.

  • http://atlnightspots.com 850

    Hahz I seen you gave me props lol. To be honest with you Hahz, your going to have to give this video propz to F.B.I he supplied this one lol. But who is the chick on the video beneath buffie,Maliah,cubana lust? She was bad as hell. And she wasn’t even taking that sh%6 serious.

  • rg

    Chick in the bottom video is WINNING like charlie sheen

    • bighomie53

      @rg,, You aint lying cause i said the same thing she killed everybody with no effort at all!!!!!!!!!! Just look at that flat stomach, them wide a** hips and that BIG OLE BOOTY… NO QUESTION SHE WINNIN!!!!! #WP

      Imagine if she was tryin to show-out or impress somebody like me!!!!! I bet she would’ve snapped & did that s*** like 50 times or more…

  • Vinny Vegas

    Whose the girl in the LAST video Cam’ron is filming!? Good grief, she kills buffie, cubana and maliah.

  • Vinny Vegas

    Girl in last video ———-> http://twitpic.com/photos/Miss_von_jones

    • http://atlnightspots.com 850

      God bless you Vinny Vegas. We need some homegrowns on Von jones. That bit$5 is bad to the bone.

      • Vinny Vegas

        Lmao no prob bro

  • Dion

    Maliah and i aint even watch yet lls

  • SupaFly919

    i am sure this i gonna have 100 comments but in my eyes u can go wrong with either but in that second video that is cameron and some chick who is she thoe ????

  • shi

    who ass look better tho ?

  • ginoBrown


  • STEEL68

    shit buff wins,just because she aint got nothin on!!!!

  • On1too

    If that contender could of kept it goin she would of been a strong candidate for second place. Maliah got my vote for #1

  • Torres, M

    Buffie cheated she wasn’t wearing any panties. If i was an unfair judge i’d rule Buffie wins. Buffie was the first one i ever seen do that for real. Maliah wins.

    • Torres, M

      Oh my word.. That thing in the twitvid. Good good lord!

  • G 26’s

    buffie got em on this one

  • SupaFly919

    i love the contender with the flabby cheeks niceeeeeeeeeee *fab voice

  • floridaboy

    Buffie got it as far as the clapping sound. Who’s the contender though Hahz!?

  • slap doot

    it came down to the wire, but Buffie won in a photo finish..she deserves an ESPY

  • 37 STRONG

    Maliah even wit the thong on,imagine if she was Naked!

  • Mr. logical


  • Quai-Quai_19

    Maliah has the best booty clap, hands down.

  • http://www.atlnightspots.com ejfejef


  • TYBO2020


  • Will

    Well, that didn’t take long…the new contestant (Ms Von Jones AKA Cherries or Cheeries) is already the newest booty shaker on WSHH!! Check it out…its worth a couple of Skeets!!

  • MoneyGreen

    Am i the only one to notice thats Camron talking in the 2nd video??

    • http://www.atlnightspots.com Hahz

      Ya he stay making videos of his jump offs