When Twerking goes wrong.. Caramel Kitten Arrested

· September 25, 2013

Caramel Kitten gets arrested when twerking goes wrong..

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  1. Playboy69 says:

    LMFAO!…Now she is Twerking in the jail cell

  2. brod,she was here liek,a week ago or so..

  3. Greg4422 says:

    So what is the charge? twerking while black?

  4. SdotP says:

    I can see it now.. no twerking, pants sagging in the store signs

  5. RED(MGC) says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say this was staged.

  6. MoorThugRelated says:

    Quit acting like an ape for this snow chimps.

  7. bigpimp says:

    da b1tch said free ck lmaooooooooooo

  8. Lol this chick silly as hell, she bouncing that ass sumthin serious though. I’d love for her to twerk slowly on my shaft lol

    That police nigga take his job waaaaaaay to serious though smh

  9. M0311 says:

    LMAO! That cop came out with the blazer and T-shirt like the black Don Johnson. LMAO! He pulled that badge out of his shirt like he really meant that shit! LMAO!…Anyway this tweaking crap is played! Too funny!

  10. Realtalkin says:

    This is defo staged but damn she funny and Id beat the brakes off her too

  11. JGoode says:

    Faker than gta Vl
    Faker than blacc chyNas azz
    Faker than key n peele winning an emy

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