Weekend Wifey Catrisa Turner

· November 10, 2012

Catrisa Turner.

Model/Actress Catrisa Turner is a perfect fit for the position of weekend wifey with a open end date. She is from Birmingham, AL with the measurements of 34D-27-42. Catrisa is Halle Berry fine to say the least, physically I can’t find a flaw. Are you feeling her?



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  1. TruDat says:

    She’s definitely a “keeper”. I’ll take every weekend with her

    One Love

  2. 1luv says:

    This looks like it could be a team chocolate chick for real. More of a dark carmel color but I’m not complaining.

  3. Realtalkin says:

    liking her a lot. More than a weekend wifey

  4. SCOOTYBLACK says:


  5. Playboy69 says:


  6. Big El says:

    A+ Certified!!!

  7. 828heffe says:

    10 piece hands down

  8. NoWhiteINmyCup says:

    Damnnn i like natural brown looking woman, but damnnnn she look familiar as h3ll, Good look though

  9. williedynamite says:

    well now, hey there! lol

    she dont even have to take her clothes off to be sexy

  10. Big ALbert says:

    Yeah she’s some hot chocol

  11. Red_Corp says:

    Gotta throw up a 10 for this one……I’d keep her around longer than a weekend

  12. Southwestern says:

    Shawty got that arresting beauty. Halle Berry wish she was this fine.

  13. wobeli says:

    Def a dime, she has hat true beauty.

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