Video: How To Pick Up Black Girls!

· April 7, 2013

This how to pick up black girls video has a twist.. The guy is white. It’s not about what he is saying, it’s his confidence. I think this would of been a little harder if he was black. White men are never this aggressive or confident picking up black women.


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  1. President Ward says:

    Chick at the end of the video played him….lol!

  2. It’s easier for white men or men of another race to pick up blackwomen because blackwomen will let their guards down a lot faster for another race than a blackman….sad to say!! Brothers gotta deal with all the bullshit & attitudes plus wuteva baggage that black chicks carry with them when we approach sistas. #azz backwards

  3. bighomie53 says:

    Dude be goin hard,, But on some real sh!t you gotta be at-least confident to pick up real b!tches anyway… Because them goofy broads will go for anything!!!!!

  4. @moor, nigga stop fronting I know for a fact them Detroit chicks ain’t no different than these chicks in Chicago. A whole lot of blackwomen won’t even speak to brothers first..let alone give up convo becuz they think he’s trying to holla. I guarantee its much easier for a white dude to holla at black chick than it is for a blackman to do. I definitely ain’t crazy son. I’m speaking truthfully!

    • M0311 says:

      B, I can’t agree with you on this one.

      • Moor #TC Warrior says:

        Mo get this n1gga man. I usually respect your opinion B Str8 but you taking crazy. 28 yrs on this earth and aint no broad EVER ignored me. When a broad is out looking good or slutty and she shoot a cat down, it don’t mean she a b1ych or stuck up, it just mean YOU ain’t what she waiting on.

        Most black girls I know just don’t dig white boys and find pink penis revolting. The rest that do dig em got money on they mind.

  5. desolation says:

    @ B strait 3k : What ?!! Bro, what are you talkin bout man ? ( westbrook voice)

  6. desolation says:

    @ B strait 3k: What ?!!! Bro what are you talking about man ? (westbrook voice).

  7. Now Thats Pcp says:

    @B 3k…..Brothers in denial or havent hollered at enough sista’s cause u speaking straight truth…..2 put it simple, its that slave mentality thats embedded in some sistas i.e why most chicks love the show “Scandal” but on the flipside, he coulda been shut down by plenty and they edited like he was was shooting 90%

  8. @mo311,@moor,@desolation, fellas my whole point is other races of men don’t have to deal with the things BLACKMEN deal with when trying to get at blackwomen. I’m not sayn other races are superior or that BLACKMEN are afraid or anything,I’m simply saying sistas are quicker to let down their guards when being approached by a white man vs being approached by a blackman….just my experiences I guess!! It’s all good tho LOL

    • Moor #TC Warrior says:

      Black d1ck is in demand. Always has and will be. You didn’t go to a white highschool, I did. And for another record, many black woman aren’t quick to open up because of the stigma that they are all hot in the azz and loose by white men. How could they give white men more play or faster play when most are attracted to the wrong type cats (thugs, scum, losers) in the first place?

    • Tim says:

      Truth, you can go downtown in Baltimore and see this all the
      and most them broads are not escorts.

    • lnfamous ONE says:

      I know what U sayin’ yo, it comes down to attitude. Change the picture and U have a new attitude. In my opinion, too many women have this entitlement complex like men owe them the world cuz they were born with a greasy split. Because of the so-called shortages with black men, the media nowadays promote interracial relationships and that’s Y women suck it up. Put it in a so-called reality show and watch how their psyche changes. Or maybe it’s because of the same thing they claim when a blackman dates another race, easier to control?

  9. bighomie53 says:

    See y’all taking it all wrong… i know exactly what @b strait is saying and the video helps prove that what he’s saying does have some truth to it….. The chicks in this video are giving the white guy action,,, now let one of y’all try that same sh!t, @moor, MO311 & @desolation,,, i bet the reaction from these women would be way different… Not to say that you don’t have any game but it’s the ladies that would look at you different than they would look at a white guy or another race,,, like @b,, said they’d somewhat let their guard down for them, but for one of us they would hold us under more scrutiny & expectations…..

  10. M0311 says:

    Ima have to sides with Moor on this one. I feel what you are saying B & bighomie but everything Moor has said is all I have expierienced. Wrong types of cats all day, not white cats and sistas “hate” to see a brother with a pink toe!! In North Cacalack anyway!!! I truly believe dude on the video was probably dissed by 40 sistas and got play by the lame ones on the video.

    • Moor #TC Warrior says:

      This ^^^

      I watched this dudes bids before and he’ funny buy he done got his azz beat and he’s been arrested. It’s all about what he shows us. N1gga wasn’t hitting on nothing nice either. Try that ish with something that look hells decent.

  11. @B Strait 3000 I’m a tell you like this. If you pulling up in something brand new, and I’m not even talkin’ about no Benz or Bentley. Pull up in a brand new Suburban, no rims needed, dressed fly, and full of confidence? It goes down scrap I promise you.

    I swear to god when I got my first brand new whip, my pu$$y ratio skyrocketed. I’m pullin policewomen, chicks that OWN beauty shops you name it! I’m pulling broads on the freeway just by smiling, waving and holding up my cellphone. I’m stopping traffic, backing up on females getting in they cars, like “excuse me I just had to say hello to you” I can go on and on. What this white boy doing ain’t sh!t to be honest. If you lookin average yeah you might get that gtf outta my face look, but look above average, and make them laugh? It goes down.

    • Jamez says:

      ^right. if u aint got confidence, u aint got nothin. as corny as it may sound its true. come correct and stop all that silly mess at tha door and be a gentleman and you will wont get turned down (unless they really do got bfs)

  12. Tim says:

    @B Strait, that last chick proves your point 100% the only thing that stopped her from giving out her number was the fact she was on camera, did not like to do her dirt on camera!

    She was not even offered by the “her being a hooker” thought/Joke by the white dude. If he would have been black, she would have acted like dude was on top of her in the street in broad daylight.

    Funny how dudes on here put the willingness of the broads to comply on how that look, when that makes no difference! Dudes forget that wine and grape juice comes from the same thing!

  13. truthspeaker says:

    ya’ll fail to realize one thing about the women in this video, they were all busted! These broads weaves were terrible and some probably have never been approached by a different race before. Looks like they were on spring break or something, which makes them open to new experiences by default. This little dude can have the 3-5’s save the 7-10’s for the brotha’s, he can have the rachets.

  14. Playboy69 says:

    He holla at all Darkskin Women…And the Lightskin Woman did not get him no action…LMAO!…Now that’s the real reason why black girls always complain about skin tone preference in the BLACK RACE!…Majority of Darkskin Black Women love White guys….Majority of Lightskin women don’t like white guys

  15. M0311 says:

    @Playboy69, I don’t think that’s dark skin women just prefer white guys as suppose to dating a brother. I believe that (now I’m about to sound like Moor! LMBO) the media has made it difficult for dark skin women to feel appreciated in today’s society. Exspecially as it relates to African American men. It’s all about light skin this and light skin that when it comes to women. That’s all you see on the videos and on television.

    • Playboy69 says:

      @M3011… Black Women can’t have both way…Most White guys go for Dark Skin Black Women because Darkskin Black Women can feel some acceptance stamp of approval in Beauty through Society I.E (Bria Myles)….Lightskin Black Women don’t need no approval of acceptance stamp to feel beautiful in Society I.E (Hallie Berry)

      • M0311 says:

        @playboy69….Out of curiosity, I your lady dark or light? Being that we “are” on this topic? I would like an answer from all the fellows on this post.

  16. G says:

    this dude is a str8 cornball

  17. 1luv says:

    Like the others said, he had to get reject numerous of times. But when it all comes down to it, look presentable and be respectful towards a women with confidence and they can open up like a flower.

  18. Sadiki says:

    I am from Canada and it’s the samething.I don’t care if a brother is from NY,L.A,Toronto,Montreal etc.sistas are not checking for brothers.If it’s a white man or anyone not a brother then they give them the time of day.The brother could be a good brother and he is still getting no love.Self hatred is very real and very much planted in the minds of black women.Niggas but black women more.It’s the willie lynch syndrome.

  19. Sadiki says:


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