Video Footage Surfaces Of Rapper Messy Marv Bloodied & Robbed At Gunpoint

· September 8, 2013


Bay Area rapper Messy Marv received a brutal beating in Reno, Nevado recently. He was supposed to perform at a club there, but evidently didn’t show up. His attackers went to his hotel and robbed him of his earrings, watch, Nikes, wallet and iPhone.

They later hacked his Twitter and Instagram. Photos of the items stolen were posted as well as messages and a photo of the rapper knocked out, bleeding from the mouth.


messymarv3 messymarv2 messymarv1

Once Marv regained control of his Twitter account he acknowledged what happened and took it in stride.


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Discussion6 Comments

  1. Moor#BpCoffins says:

    What dry snitching is this?

    This ain’t just a ass whoppin. Doin shit like and getting caught will get you 30 in the pen. Stupid.

  2. Jaydon says:

    That’s foul yo…

  3. Wild140s says:

    he’ll be killed soon, he’s f$cked over too many people out here

  4. Ace says:

    got love niccas.

  5. Cakes(crooked smile) says:

    what is wrong with people? its bad enough they beat him bloody but why post this..

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