Twerk Team (Lady L & Mizz.TwerkSum) Twerking To “WorkOut” by J. Cole & Showing You Some Of Our WorkOut Moves Check It Out. 02:55 to 03:01 Nice…

  • LouieV

    I wonder do these hoes have jobs cause I know this shit ain’t bringing in revenue. Mizztwerksum is dope tho, I definitely bang them lil buns out.

    • ed

      You’re extremely clueless and delusional if you believe they are not bringing in money. Just because you don’t understand how they get paid does not mean they do not get paid.

      • moorfedayeen

        Ok so they fkin for cash then cause ain’t NO NIGA paying to see these mediocre broads dance wit they cloths on. I know broads that would kill these lil girls in the body, face and dancing and they get nuff ass naked. Bitcs don’t even stay in they own crib. Makin vids in they mommas house. So Louie got a point. How they getting it?

        • moorfedayeen

          *butt ass naked, not nuff naked*

  • Mistawondafull

    I’d beat the breaks off Mizz Twerksum. & that’s all i’ve got to say about dat…

  • @LouieV, I was wondering about the job status too. Mizz Twerksum might as well go solo, cause she’s all that cats are checking for. She looks like a sexy azz zebra

    • queso

      LMAO@ Goin Solo

    • moorfedayeen

      Yea this the hardest I seen lookin thus far. Those hills a good look.

  • queso

    Another 10lbs on Mizz Twerksum she be a beast

  • iamme85

    Why dont these chicks just go to a local strip club and dance, they dont have to take they clothes off, ut it pays more than what they gettin now im sure. i mean these vids they be doing are getting old, Dont get me wrong they nice to look at

  • jamar

    these 2 birds are average looking at best.

  • Cold and Hot

    Yeah folks may be getting tired of them but at least they keeping them bodies in shape and building them asses up the natural way ha ha!

  • jfizzle

    I keep saying all the hits these broad get on their videos they should put ads on they azzes, Yo Hahz hit em up and put ANS on they azzes, they can get paid that way. I’ll help em sell ad (azz) space. LOL

  • Poppichuloco

    I like these chicks, it time to take this show on the road…

  • Plansky

    Id bust out the Viagra on both dem jawns!!!

  • JasonCo

    @LouieV, Actually the top YouTubers with the most hits get paid quite a bit… sometimes on average around 5 g’s a month. Look it up.

    With all of the views they get they’re probably doing ok for themselves. 200,000 hits = $1,000.00 in youtube money if you are a partner(which they are) and that’s not including the money they can get from video ads and sponsors.

    So a G a week(at the minimum) for throwing 1 video online every Thursday video isn’t too bad…

  • Big D

    they probably get paid through youtube partnership. For every comment they get on a video they receive 5 cents so 1000 comments= $50

  • drejones

    looks good as usual. id wife the slim one and hit the other one

  • drejones

    mizz twerk sum. if read this do the move u did at the 2:50 2:52 mark alot more in the next video

  • Leave them alone they not hoes,Hoes take there clothes off

  • Gold Mouth

    Gold Mouth feelin that Puss N Boots…

  • BISH

    Those my bishes kill em